Fontana POA and Rotary Club honor Jack Long for his efforts to aid local area | News

The Fontana Rotary Club and the Fontana Police Officers Association (POA) collaborated to present the “Thank You Local Law Adorsement” lunch on May 16th.

The event took place in the parking lot of the Fontana Police Directorate and was attended by DP officers and civilian employees. Also in attendance were lawmakers from the Sheriff’s Fontana Station and other officials, including CHP officers, Fontana Public Works staff, city manager Matt Ballantyne, Mayor Acquanetta Warren and city council members John Roberts, and Phillip Cothran.

Gourmet burgers and hot dogs were prepared by Rotary Club members at the Fontana POA Mobile Barbecue. The meal was sponsored by Rotolo Chevrolet.

Over lunch, Fontana POA presented local philanthropist Jack Long with the POA Leadership Excellence Award.

In 2015, Long won a mega lottery jackpot. Instead of diverting his profits, Long set up two charities to help make the larger Fontana area a better place.

“I was blessed with more money than sound reason,” Long told modest and self-deprecating attendees.

He explained that after consulting with his family, it did not take long until he realized that family is first. “And this city is my family,” he said.

The purpose of the Fontana Foundation of Hope (FFOH) is “to improve the quality of life” in the local area by “making careful donations to charity”. Working with other service organizations provides a pathway that enables them to “address community concerns” and make the region a better place, he said.

The four areas of focus for FFOH are youth sports, veterans, community improvement programs, and assistance to the elderly. Long’s organization has contributed generously to several youth police programs.

The award for the crystal obelisk was presented to Long by Fontana POA Vice President Pat Heusterberg, who acknowledged that Long gave more than just money. “Jack Long has provided wise and well thought out directions to critical programs that focus on making Fontana better a better place to live, work and play,” he said.

Heusterberg acknowledged that winning the lottery was a “chance to test the essence of one’s character.” Jack Long is the most deserving because at the core of his being, he has demonstrated great dedication, compassion and wisdom. Showing the highest degree of character confirms that Jack Long has demonstrated excellence in leadership.

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Fontana POA and Rotary Club honor Jack Long for his efforts to aid local area | News Source link Fontana POA and Rotary Club honor Jack Long for his efforts to aid local area | News

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