Fontana mayor will appear on TV show ‘Undercover Boss’ on April 1 | News

Acquanetta Warren likes to be the mayor of Fontana, but apparently likes to be a “secret boss” as well.

Warren will appear on the television show “Undercover Boss” on Friday, April 1 at 8:00 pm on CBS Channel 2.

The program is a reality series that follows top executives as they anonymously slide into the ranks of their organizations, CBS said in a press release.

“Each week, a different leader will sacrifice the comfort of their corner office for an undercover mission to examine the internal functioning of their operation,” the press release said.

In the next episode, Warren will tackle “hard and dirty work together with city employees,” the news release said. “Is the mayor ready to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty by maintaining the city’s sewers and cleaning up the garbage-filled parks?”

During the March 22 City Council meeting, Warren made a brief announcement about her involvement.

“I’m sure everyone will not know me,” Warren said with a laugh. She added: “This is a great platform for our city. You will only see why we say our staff is second to none. It is a great honor for this city, we will be national and I hope to get more help as a result of this spectacle. “

In a preliminary video for the episode, Warren can be seen disguised with shorter hair and glasses. She posted the video on her Facebook page and received some positive comments.

“Spectacular! You are such a good sport! ” commented the Kimberly Charter.

However, on the Fontana City Facebook page, commentator Lynne Brosco revealed that it was hard to believe Warren could deceive city employees thinking it was not her.

“There is no possibility that it was secret. “She is distinctive and has a special way of speaking,” said Brosco.

Another commenter, Karen Elizabeth, said: “Did she hide in one of the many warehouses in Fontana, which offers no benefits and only employs through staffing agencies?”

Cynthia Carolina Gon said: “Is there time to do this? But to actually talk to its inhabitants she does not. Does she filter even those negative messages? ”

Fontana mayor will appear on TV show ‘Undercover Boss’ on April 1 | News Source link Fontana mayor will appear on TV show ‘Undercover Boss’ on April 1 | News

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