Fontana High School carpentry students earn high honors during Design Build competition | News

An inspired team of seven Fontana High School carpentry students amazed the judges and competitors after taking second place in the 37th Annual Construction Industry Education Foundation Competition, held April 6th and 7th at the Fair Center and Orange County Events.

Fohi’s students, with just five months of carpentry instruction to lead, outperformed the more experienced teams with twice the number of builders, gaining many admirers in the field of 17 high schools and community colleges across Southern California.

Completing second place is an amazing success for Fohi’s newest career technical education path (CTE), Career Links. Learned by Lamar Hanger, a 32-year-old member of the Southwest Regional Carpenters Council, Career Links was created to introduce students to the craft and prepare them for future lucrative jobs and union placement.

“Our Fohi Steeler carpenters are the poor history of the century,” Hanger said. “These children have won my heart. Doing so well with half the other teams’ manpower is incredible. They did it in the manner of the union carpenter, with every student prepared and ready. Many of our builders are being offered jobs this summer or are entering training programs, which is amazing. “These students are our future leaders.”

Hanger teaches his students practical carpentry and the essentials of site safety, with an emphasis on goal setting, positive attitude, punctuality, teamwork, and initiative. Students learn the proper way to swing a hammer, how to properly perform measurements, and the most effective ways to design and build frames.

After submitting their plans and design plans, the Fohi team, working on a space of 96 square meters, built a four-walled shelter, an electrical box, a light switch and an outlet. The students added a porch and hung a sign in the hut that read “FOHI Steelers Woodshop.” Team members completed their construction as quickly as they had time to help a competing school complete their project.

Beginner and participant in the construction of the design, Cyrus Sapien started woodworking with his father at a young age. After meeting Hanger early in the school year, Sapien was so excited about the trail that he came in the morning and afternoon to help clean up and prepare the lumber shop for lessons.

“Sir. Hanger has so much energy and enthusiasm. He does the fun work and makes every student believe he can achieve anything,” Sapien said. “I believe in this program. I want to help this become the best program in the state and win every competition. The way to be successful is to make everyone around you successful. I love Fontana and I am happy to see that we are getting to know each other. “

Sapien joined some of his classmates to attend Saturday classes at the Carpenters Union Ontario Training Center, where they earned the 10th Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification, which qualifies them. those for higher wages in the workplace. Sapien is also working to recruit the next class of carpentry students, designing logos and flyers to distribute to first-year students.

“Fohi’s success in the Design Build competition shows how much impact a well-run CTE program can have on students, inspiring them to reach high levels and open the door to potential careers,” said Superintendent Randal S Bassett. “Lamar Hanger has done an excellent job in preparing his students and is a great example of why CTE, led by experienced industry leaders, is so important to our community.”

Fontana High School carpentry students earn high honors during Design Build competition | News Source link Fontana High School carpentry students earn high honors during Design Build competition | News

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