Fontana City Council denies appeal of Planning Commission’s approval of warehouse | News

Fontana City Council rejected a citizen’s request to overturn the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the plot map and review the project for another warehouse in Fontana during the May 10 meeting.

The vote was 4-1, with council member Jesse Sandoval objecting.

The issue of the warehouse continues to be controversial in Fontana, with supporters saying the warehouses bring good jobs and opponents saying the environmental costs are too high.

On March 15, the Planning Commission had given OK to a proposed new industrial center at the northeast corner of the intersection of Santa Ana Avenue and Calabash Avenue in the southwestern part of the city.

The center, with a total area of ​​about 137,000 square meters, includes two potential office spaces with a total area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, 26 warehouse dock doors and a ground floor door. The site plan includes 37 parking spaces for trailers and 50 parking spaces for passenger cars. The location is within the city’s West Slover Industrial Area (SWD) of the Southwest Industrial Park Specific Plan (SWIP).

Ana Gonzalez, representing the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, had some objections to the project and demanded that the City Council reject it. However, city staff said the warehouse met all the necessary standards and said it needed to move forward.

During the public comments section of the meeting, LIUNA Local 783 members praised the warehouse and thanked the City Council for bringing trade and jobs to Fontana.

“This project is an opportunity to work close to home for us,” said union member Mario Gonzalez.

Elizabeth Sena, representing the Coalition of Concerned Citizens from the South Fountain, said the warehouse would harm community health and increase truck traffic.

DJ Arellano, a representative of the developer, Duke Realty, defended the project, saying it is environmentally friendly.

Sandoval said he is very concerned about the situation at the project site because two of his grandchildren live in the nearby area.

“We have trucks parked all the time, empty; “Human waste is thrown on the ground, bottles full of human waste,” he said. “This will be a growing problem now with the construction of this additional warehouse.”

Deputy city manager Phil Burum said the land there has been zoned for industrial use for 40 years.

But Sandoval said: “If you have children or grandchildren, I do not think you would appreciate it if they built a large warehouse near your home. Residents were there first before the warehouses entered, so they are being affected by this high traffic. The point I have is that many of you do not go down there, many of you do not visit; I yes.”

Mayor Acquanetta Warren responded by saying: “It should never be assumed that the rest of us do not drive through our city because we absolutely do. Everyone here loves Fontana. We are not just stuck in one place and no one can claim we are. We all drive around. We all have family and friends all over the city. ”

Pro Tem Mayor Peter Garcia made a motion to reject the appeal. John Roberts approved the motion and Warren and Phillip Cothran joined forces to vote by a majority.

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Fontana City Council denies appeal of Planning Commission’s approval of warehouse | News Source link Fontana City Council denies appeal of Planning Commission’s approval of warehouse | News

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