Fohi seniors are named 2022 Dell Scholars and will receive $20,000 college scholarships | News

Jose Martinez and Jimmy Salvador Contreras – two Fontana High School graduates with a passion for serving others and improving their community – will continue their education with the help of a $ 20,000 scholarship from the Michael and Susan Foundation Dell.

Martinez and Salvador Contreras are among 500 students nationwide who will be named 2022 Dell Scholars and receive a four-year scholarship, textbook credits, a laptop and access to a network of student support, Dell staff and fellow mentors.

From the moment they set foot on the Fohi campus, both students embraced the learning opportunities and resources available to them – joining the California Scholarship Federation, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, athletics, honors, courses advanced deployment (AP) and more. .

Martinez praises four years of involvement with AVID, Upward Bound and Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) in introducing motivation and skills to succeed in school, encouraging him to attend college and helping him find a sense of purpose and community.

“All the great people at AVID, Upward Bound and PAYS have been really encouraging to me and have shown me what is possible for my future,” Martinez said. “One of my advisers from Upward Bound wrote my letter of recommendation for this scholarship and my mentors at PAYS were my first acquaintance with what it means to be Latinx in college. “Because of them, I have learned to dream a lot, not to limit myself, to use every opportunity as much as possible and to move forward even when there are obstacles.”

Martinez’s path to college – which will take him to UC Berkeley in the fall to study political science – was also inspired by his family. He describes his older brother Jonathan, who is attending UC Riverside and is the first person in their family attending college, as “his project for success”.

After earning his bachelor’s degree, Martinez hopes to attend law school and then serve his community – whether as a judge or politician – by breaking down language barriers and making government and the legal process accessible to the Latinx community.

“My love for law and government developed early on; “Even in elementary school, these subjects really intrigued me,” said Martinez. “I want to be someone that the latinx community can connect with, to make government more accessible to them and to show them that they have a voice.”

—– SALVADOR CONTRERAS, who describes Foh as his second home, has served in the Associated Student Corps (ASB) for the past four years and is committed to strengthening the sense of community and school spirit on campus.

He appreciates the community he found on campus – as well as the AVID program and rigorous honors and AP courses – for helping him get out of his comfort zone and develop the habits that prepared him for college.

“I have met wonderful people here. “My teachers and coaches have helped me become who I am,” said Salvador Contreras. “Especially my director of ASB, [Christopher] Sindelar, who has been one of my biggest mentors. He really helped me get out of my shell, become a leader, and get involved in all the things I did during my time in Fohi. “I am extremely grateful that I have such a support system here.”

That support system helped Salvador Contreras navigate the loss of his mother from cancer during his second year of study, followed by school closures and distance learning triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Supported by his school community, Salvador Contreras remained engaged in campus activities and focused on his studies, determined to honor the memory of his mother going to college and to win scholarships to alleviate payment stress for higher education.

“My parents have always told me to do what I want, to do something of myself and to make the most of the opportunities I had,” said Salvador Contreras. “It has not been easy, but I have continued because I want to make myself proud and make them proud. “I have had great role models with my parents and older siblings, and I want to be that inspiration for my younger brother and show everyone who comes after me what is possible.”

Salvador Contreras was admitted to the nine universities where he applied and aims to graduate in applied mathematics and a minor in computer science – two courses he said he likes because they allow him to solve problems and think outside the box.

“Congratulations to Jose and Jimmy, who have continued the legacy of the Dell Scholars of Fontana Unified, who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and a commitment to serve others,” said Randal, Superintendent of the Fontana Unified School District. S. Bassett. “We look forward to seeing what they will achieve as they go to college and enter the professional world.”

Fohi seniors are named 2022 Dell Scholars and will receive $20,000 college scholarships | News Source link Fohi seniors are named 2022 Dell Scholars and will receive $20,000 college scholarships | News

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