Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul: Boxing’s bastardization continues apace

It’s hard to tell if it’s a pantomime or a clever marketing trick. YouTuber Fighter’s brother steals an undefeated professional boxer’s hat, and they get caught up in a heated battle before a press conference.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul looks like the ultimate mismatch, but it’s the latest in many profitable exhibitions fight Featuring non-experts boxer And that seems to indicate that boxing is becoming more crude.

Mayweather is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has an undefeated record of 50-0 in professional boxing and multiple world title belts named after him. Paul isn’t guilty of his name, but YouTube has been viewed a lot, nearly 6 billion times. The story of his tape is short. He lost the only professional fight with another YouTuber.

So far, we’ve seen YouTuber fight YouTuber. I’ve seen boxers fight MMA stars. I’ve even seen Paul’s brother Jake (also famous YouTuber) fight former MMA fighters and former NBA players and win both games.

But on June 6th, the world of professional boxing and entertainment clashes on the ring.

The rich men must have been happily rubbing their hands. Social and news media were furious with Mayweather’s videos and photos when Jake Paul stole Mayweather’s hat before his brother’s press conference and the two were involved in Mele.

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And at the last new conference in Miami Beach before the match on Sunday, Mayweather emphasized that Paul was stepping into an unknown world.

“There is a difference between YouTube boxing and elite boxing. You can see the difference.” Mayweather Said Sky sports.

“He’s height-focused and reach-focused. Let’s take a look. I’m a little trained here and there, not every day. But I don’t have to.”

For Mike Silver, a writer and boxing historian who has been a fan of the sport since 1959 and has seen great men like Sonny Liston. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Robinson’s action, the rise of these money-making battles is a signal that the sport he loved and grew up is “dead.”

“Boxing is a business, and that business is show business,” said Silver, author of The Arc of Boxing: The Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science.

“Boxing is show business, and the only positive thing I can say is that these people are making money. Great like Archie Moore, Sugar Ray Robinson and Willie Pep. Fighters, they must have turned over in the grave.

“[Current fighters] We made more fighters in one fight than the great fighters we made throughout our professional boxing career.

“But it’s going to be realistic. This isn’t boxing. Boxing I knew is dead,” he added.

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Positive and negative

Exhibition fights are not uncommon for boxing. There are now notorious glasses. Even when the great ants fought wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1976, Silver remembers the event as “extremely disappointing.”

Since Paul and the British YouTuber KSI Showdown With YouTuber’s first professional boxing match, the sect of this fighting game grew rapidly.

according to For Jake Paul, he won 1.5 million pay-per-view purchases by knocking out former UFC fighter Ben Askren in the first round in April. Each cost $ 50, and the battle generated $ 75 million, but that number is questionable.

Mr. Silver says he doesn’t resent anyone who makes money where he can. But it’s in today’s society that Jake Paul’s idea, called “boxing Kim Kardashian,” according to Silver, attracts a lot of people from professional matches that he’s only fought twice in the pros. It reflects the current “junk culture”.

In the other corner, boxing moderator Michelle Joy Phelps, founder of Behind The Gloves, believes there are good points to draw from these battles.

“Money is made on a very large scale, people tune in and viewers are there,” Phelps told CNN. “How to die? Perhaps more boxing politics It may be more annoying because of it.

“I don’t think it’s dying at all, but politics is definitely making things more complicated, so people are more excited and frustrated with boxing. But when the event they want happens, the whole world sees it. “

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Fill the gap

One of the things that has disillusioned boxing fans over the last few years has been how difficult it has been for boxing organizations and promoters to engage in the hottest battles.

Professional boxing has four main committees and 17 classes. Previously there were only eight classes, but over the years more have been added.

Each committee bears its own world champion of weight class, sometimes with multiple champions at the same time. Boxing magazine The Ring has also won its own world championship.

The recent traffic between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has disappointed many, but the possibility of a match between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence is unlikely so far.

When Mayweather played against Manny Pacquiao in 2015, the idea for the match emerged five years ago. Both fighters were when they finally stepped into the ring because it took so long to set up. Probably past its heyday.

According to Silver, the reason it’s difficult to host these show events is that each boxing commission has its own championship.

This is where the battles of these exhibitions filled the void.

“If boxing were done as it is today, Marvin Hagler probably wouldn’t have fought Tommy Hearns, and” Stars in the Ring: Jewish Champion of the Golden Age of Boxing. “

“Maybe you didn’t see Alexis Argero play against Aaron Pryor, but you probably didn’t see Sugar Ray Leonard play against Roberto Durán. It’s a battle that made boxing history and made boxing like it once was. And maybe you’ve never seen Frazier vs. Ali. It’s a complete desire. [that] Overtaken sports and rudeness to fans. “

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“Don’t say this is boxing”

In nearly 20 years of boxing career, Mayweather has earned the nickname “money.” After retiring for the second time in 2015, he fought and defeated UFC star Conor McGregor and undefeated kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, earning huge payday.

The match against McGregor was, in a sense, a turning point as people came to understand the sheer amount of money these events bring.

According to Forbes, Mayweather earned about $ 275 million and McGregor robbed $ 85 million in the match.

While longtime fans have been dissatisfied with the quality of boxing, one of the other criticisms of getting inexperienced people into the ring is its safety.

“I didn’t get hit in my head and my brain quivered,” says Silver.

Professional boxers have been trained for years to move their heads and legs to avoid heavy head hits as much as possible, so without that experience, knockouts, hard head hits, and concussion are more likely. Will be common.

“The idea is to hit the other person’s head,” Phelps said. “It’s not an arm-slap competition. Anyone who gets hit in the head can have a stroke.

“And if not properly trained to move their heads to avoid punches, most people just stand and trade and see the nasty fight of those who throw as much hay as possible.”

The first match between Paul and KSI was an amateur and needed a headguard, but the rest of the match was the same as a pro — a 12 or 3 minute round without a headguard.

However, for Sunday’s match, the Florida Boxing Commission (FSBC) has confirmed to CNN that it is considered an exhibition match because it is not approved by the organization. The FSBC also confirmed that it does not provide judges for the event, but does provide referees. Both fighters use 12 ounce gloves for a total of eight 3-minute rounds.

This resulted in some early round knockouts, especially in the second round of Jake Paul’s former NBA player Nate Robinson, whose photos later became viral on social media.

The safety risks of having these untrained fighters use hammers and tongs include a section of boxing fans, including Phelps, which is a good idea or more stringent measures to protect the fighters. I’m wondering if it should be taken.

And for the next match on June 6, Silver believes there are a lot of risks involved when it comes to meeting them in the ring.

“If this £ 200 or more Logan Paul is distracted or something that Mayweather runs away and hits Mayweather’s head, there’s a danger,” he said.

“if [Mayweather] If really in shape, he would stop Logan Paul in the round. He can weigh 50 pounds. He is still approaching the days of fighting to hurt this man. If he really punches, he’s a former professional fighter, regardless of his weight in the match, whether he weighs 156 pounds.

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“And if he nails this guy in a shot, it’s not easy to drop him because he’s a big guy. So if this is a legitimate fight, Logan Paul has a glass chin Unless he has to hit his head many times.

So what is the sustainability of the game after the rapid rise of these lucrative quasi-boxing matches? According to Silver, it will be money. “If the fans get tired and say,’We’re not interested. We’re not going to blame this,’ the parameters change.

“But I don’t think it will change … it depends on the economy.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul: Boxing’s bastardization continues apace Source link Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul: Boxing’s bastardization continues apace

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