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Although coins have served primarily as the currency of civilizations around the world for thousands of years, they also act as arbiters of history, telling the story of different empires and countries, their leaders, and their powers.

They also serve as metal canvases for art, tributes, souvenirs, etc., among local numismatists or coin collectors among many reasons to come together to share their love of the Vacaville Coin Show on Saturday.

“There are a lot of beautiful designs out there, and it’s just a very fruitful area to learn about the world through coins and paper money because people have used coins to communicate over the ages,” said Scott Griffin, who organizes the show. . “Typical countries put themselves in coins, they put their slogans in coins, be it accurate representations, images or phrases of countries. So it’s a great opportunity to learn. ”

Three or four vendors will have all sorts of coins at their disposal, along with paper money and gold and silver ingots for sale or display. Griffin expects about 100 guests to attend the show.

Griffin, who has been in the coin business for about 20 years now, joined the hobby for the first time like many others when he received some as a gift as a child.

“I started out as a little boy, as a fifth grader, and my dad introduced me to Penny’s boards and stuff like that. I left when I was a teenager, but I came back around the year 2000. I went to the Alemany Flea Market in San Francisco, and I bought three or four dollars for silver, ”Griffin said. “The next day, I bought a book about coins, even though I paid for it because I wanted to try to understand what those coins really were. And the rest is just history. From there it was just a snowball. ‘

Although Griffin has turned his love of hobby into a successful business, he still emphasizes the fun factor as an important aspect of coin collecting. In fact, he is the treasurer of the Fairfield Coin Club, which will distribute coins to take children home for free and invite them – and adults – to participate if they are interested.

“Keep track of what your interests are; people often ask me, ‘What will be the next coin that will do well, or what will it be worth to increase?’ and I always say, whatever you want to go with, “Griffin said.” What I’ve found is that when people get into the coin-learning side, they tend to spend more time.

“And what I mean by that is that they become collectors who enjoy a lifelong passion.”

If you go:

When: 9: 00-16: 00 Sat.

Name: Vacaville Moose Lodge, 6585 Gibson Canyon Rd., VacavilleCost: $ 1- $ 2; Under 18 Free

For more information: (415) 601-8661, griffincoin.com

Flipping Over Coins in Vacaville – Times-Herald Source link Flipping Over Coins in Vacaville – Times-Herald

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