Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrows At Traffic Signals Utilized In Elk Grove 

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Elk Grove City Council will begin operating new traffic signs with an intermittent yellow left turn arrow. Turn signals with an intermittent yellow turn to the left will be located at the north and south intersections of Wymark Drive and Elk Grove Boulevard.

The flashing yellow arrow traffic sign features a flashing yellow arrow along with the traditional red, yellow, and green arrows.

The flashing or flashing yellow arrow means you can enter the intersection with caution. It indicates that left turns are allowed, but the driver must yield to all traffic going in the opposite direction. This means that you must yield to all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists at the intersection when the flashing yellow arrow is activated. You can turn left if allowed. But, the oncoming traffic has the right of way, so you have to give in to them.

The flashing yellow arrow not only improves the flow of traffic at intersections but also allows more vehicles to pass. The flashing yellow arrow allows drivers to turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic. When the flashing yellow light is not on, the traffic signal works just like a traditional traffic signal.


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But why?

In 2019, the flashing yellow arrow was presented to the City Council in the Traffic Congestion Management Plan. This type of signal light has been designed to reduce delays, which will ultimately save drivers time, along with reducing emissions. The flashing yellow arrow signal has been shown to reduce delays by 50% and emissions by 12%. This was the beginning of the pilot project at Elk Grove.

Past Use

In 2020, three intersections were added in the flashing yellow arrow lights on the left. First place was on Harbor Point Drive on Galen Drive. The second was located on Harbor Point Drive on Renwick Avenue. Third place was on Big Horn Boulevard on Lewis Stein Road.

There will be more intersections in Elk Grove that will have left turn signals in flashing yellow. The intersections will be on Bond Road on Elk Crest Drive, and another on Lewis Stein Road and West Stockton Boulevard. In addition, to raise awareness of these signals with flashing arrows, the new signal heads include reflective yellow edges and complementary signals such as the one shown above in the image.

If you have further questions about the yellow arrow pilot project on the left, please contact the Elk Grove Department of Public Works at (916) 478-2256.

Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrows At Traffic Signals Utilized In Elk Grove  Source link Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrows At Traffic Signals Utilized In Elk Grove 

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