Flames at Sharks recap, score: San Jose falls flat to fiery offense

God San Jose Sharks Entered last night’s game a little worse because of the wear and tear and came from the huge shock of general manager Doug Wilson retiring from his role at the club. No less shocking for the fans, it was a surprise for the coaching staff – head coach Bob Bonner was notified by 9:30 a.m. that morning.

Regardless, for the first game in the post-Wilson era, the Sharks looked … well, average. John Leonard and Jonah Gadjovic were injured in the final game and were left out due to injury, which led to Jonathan Dalen finally returning to the squad, populating the fourth line alongside Scott Reedy and Jeffrey Weil. Ryan Markley was out on the blue line with Nicholas Malucca pulled back inside. James Reimer was on the net (although unfortunately Kaapo Kahkonen would have appeared).

The first period did not open with a successful opening. Barely two minutes, Sasha Khmelevsky, who opened on the second line with Logan Couture and Noah Gregor, suffered a narrow penalty, which led to a penalty. Calgary Flames Get in early for the early check. Despite a brief break from Couture, a retrospective is 20/20, and this early power play put Calgary in control for the rest of the game and prevented San Jose from stabilizing effectively early enough before the Blades applied the pressure.

In the first five minutes, Reimer had to make seven big, wide saves. It’s hard not to turn this game into a story about goalkeeping, but, as most shark games have been undermined recently, goalkeepers are the heroes of the failing defense in the area itself. You can blame it on the internal shock of an organization suddenly without Doug Wilson in mind, or a tired team that is ready for the off-season and has a hard time connecting, and I think it would be right to put the blame in both categories. But the lack of goal support proved fatal for Reimer, who struggled with an unknown lower body injury, and for Kahkonen, who may have already (unfairly) fallen out of favor with his last appearance.

The first goal of the game came from Matthew Takchuk, for a loss in the blue line of Timo Meyer. Takachuk, following a change, had all the open space in the world when the sharks were caught in the aisle. He walked next to a glove on Reimer, and that’s it.

Calgary remained in the strong test, but the best line of sharks in the first period was by far the fourth. Dalen in particular fights night after night, and although I have always been a big fan of his game and his perspective on the ice, the coaching staff does not always seem to feel the same way, taking him off the line … up. He seems to have taken this to heart because he was on fire for the first time. The fourth line was an energizer, a fast and physical game, and responsible for a number of major defensive games.

For the past five minutes, Nick Bonino has been in the right place at the right time to drive out a defensive delivery from Jacob Magna from his slide into the goal. The game started when Bonino passed the disc to Matt Nitto, who gave it to Miniya, shot it off the spot, and from a slip from a well-placed Bonino angle (not a kick), she went inside and equalized the score to one.

After a boarding call that went the way of the Sharks, Dalen showed even more of his promise with a strong presence at the power games. His two shots on the net were some of the best in the back half of the period and he worked well with Mario Ferraro in a few head games.

The period closed with a plethora of flame opportunities and with thirty seconds left on the clock, Trevor Lewis stole Puck Reimer and came in, finishing the first 2-1, Calgary.

The second period began about as the first ended, with the flames standing on their feet and pushing. Where the fourth line stood out in the first, Alexander Barbanov was exemplary in the second, driving offensive games, fighting on the boards and even getting physical with Takachuk. As the team’s final free agent indefinitely, he’s playing for a contract, and without Wilson in mind, when or what this contract will be a bit vague. Barbanov was undoubtedly the MVP of the year, and the click with Meyer and Thomas Hartl (two players going nowhere) gave him regular partners to ensure long-term production. Is a safe bet for strong performances, and every day he is left unsigned, I am more in a panic.

Overall, the Sharks did a better job of bringing the grout into the offensive zone and staging games, mostly low in the area and along the boards, but Calgary had an undeniable advantage, and Reimer worked overtime to keep the game within reach. .

It was a night of terrible penalties from the sharks. Gregor was called in to delay the game for Puck over the glass shortly after marking the half in the period. While the Sharks escaped all the pendulums that were not timed relatively unscathed, it broke their momentum and gave extra credence to the blades ’early inspection.

Crossed into their own area, and although Mark Edouard-Velasic and Meyer connected to what could have been a huge chance, it was the blades that went up to the top, after handing a smooth drop from Takachuk to Elias Lindholm sent Lindholm to split the middle. And shoot high, to make the score 3-1.

However, the disc swung in the other direction. Barbanov did a great job of amassing space for himself and his teammates whenever he made his way to the attacking area, and Logan Couture rang from the post. The Sharks still struggled to maintain defensive coverage – Lindholm was left open for far too many quality shots that Rimmer had to save.

The third period continued with the same effort as the first two, with the sharks fighting to keep up with the rapid and physical flames. The rest of the top line – Meyer and Hartl – finally caught up with Barbanov, and that line made it clear that they are the shark leaders, who are not necessarily capable of surpassing all four lines.

Within the first five minutes, Barbanov was tested by Lewis, and sent the team to what could have been a sub-game power play, had they been able to take advantage of that. Technically the goal did not come during the power play, but immediately after it expired, Meyer made a center pass to Couture that kept Dan Valder away, and from there Couture created movement in front of the net. This lowered the advantage of the blades to one goal and revived the sharks for a brief moment, before Reimer’s injury eliminated him.

Reimer, who has been knocked down three times already, was lying on the ice. Once athletic coach Ray Tappets went out to check on him, it was clear that Kakonen would come in to close out the game.

Another puck on the glass pendulum came from Bonino, the team cracked under the onslaught of the flames. Penalties across the glass do not often happen twice in a game from the same team, and although they may be a mistake, sometimes they come from an insane attempt to deflect pressure.

Kahakonen was excellent in relief, but an empty Lindholm goal in the last thirty seconds reinforced the 4-2 loss.

While the era of the legendary Wilson, the Sharks have struggled with confidence and failed playoff struggles over the past few seasons. With a bit of a swing in the roster, a plethora of young talent and Barbanov’s contract still in the air, maybe a change up is just what the Sharks need to fulfill their promise of the playoffs next season.

Flames at Sharks recap, score: San Jose falls flat to fiery offense Source link Flames at Sharks recap, score: San Jose falls flat to fiery offense

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