Fla. GOP official calls COVID vaccines ‘mark of the beast’ – Press Enterprise

By Em Steck, Drew Myers, Ansrew Kaczynski | CNN

In a recent surge in cases of coronavirus in Florida, top executives from the state’s Republican National Committee compared the Biden administration’s vaccine efforts to the Nazi-era “brown shirt” and called the vaccine “Beast.” , Which is comparable to the “False God”.

A review by CNN’s KFile found that Florida lawyer and RNC committee member Peter Feaman commented on the blog “The Backhoe Chronicles,” which is regularly published by MeWe’s private group. Social media platforms charge themselves as “anti-Facebook” apps.

“Biden’s brown shirt is beginning to appear in private homes asking for vaccine documents,” Fiemann wrote on July 20.

Earlier, he used the term to favor far-right Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene in the face of a swift backlash.

In May, Fiemann called the Covid-19 vaccine a “sign of the beast,” a reference to the Bible’s apocalypse symbol of loyalty to Satan, and called Governor Gretchen Whitmer of the Democratic Party of Michigan to encourage the vaccine. I called it “devilish”. “The demonic Michigan Governor Whiter wants her citizens to join the Beast Mark in society,” Fiemann wrote.

“Michigan Democrats have announced that they will prolong the state’s suffering until residents submit to the’jab’inoculation. If enough residents respond to her request, she and Joe Biden may allow her to celebrate July 4th. He added that he appears to be referring to the Biden administration’s goal of at least one vaccination of 70% of the US adult population by that holiday. (The goal was not achieved.)

He later added, “Mr. Whitmer, we will not succumb to your false god.”

CNN repeatedly asked Feaman and RNC for comment, but neither responded.

Female is one of Florida’s three leading officials in the governing body of RNC, the Republican-led political commissar. He has been in that position since 2012.

His reelection at the 2020 Florida Republican Annual Meeting was endorsed by State Speaker Joe Gruters and was formerly a state and federal judge by Senator Marco Rubio and then Governor of Florida Rick Scott. Appointed to the Nominating Committee. He also served as an elector in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

On Sunday, Florida broke the record of hospitalization for coronavirus the day after the state recorded the newest daily Covid-19 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic.

On Thursday, Fiemann attacked new guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and suggested wearing masks indoors in areas of high prevalence of delta variants.

“Wolves want control and power,” he writes. “For me and my house, we will fight them.”

In addition to forging medical false alarms, Fiemann spread the conspiracy theory. Fiemann promoted the falsehood that the 2020 election was stolen by former President Donald Trump, the January 6 riot was “preparation to make the Trump people look bad,” and the event was a “false flag.” Forged a rebellion plot of the Houses of Parliament suggesting that it was. Carried by the Democratic Party to seize power.

In another February post, Fiemann shared an article by Dennis Preger, the host of a conservative talk show. In this article, we compared the actions of the Democratic Party after the Reichstag rebellion with the Nazis who used the Reichstag fire in 1933.

“What the Left is doing to demonstrate conservatives and Trump supporters is exactly what the Nazis did in 1933,” Fiemann wrote to MeWe, but Trump supporters were “not afraid.” “He added. “

In addition to his blog, Feaman also wrote two books — “Wake Up, America!” 2007 and 2012 “The Next Nightmare: How Political Correctness Destroys America” ​​— “Islamic Fascism Claimed to be the greatest threat to Judaism and Christian values ​​and the United States.

Fla. GOP official calls COVID vaccines ‘mark of the beast’ – Press Enterprise Source link Fla. GOP official calls COVID vaccines ‘mark of the beast’ – Press Enterprise

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