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The conventional wisdom is that you shouldn’t sleep. But no one says you are forbidden to track them while they are tracking them. New York-based smart color maker Fi today announced that it will add sleep to its device tracking list.

An added feature uses the collar’s onboard motion sensing to monitor the sleep of best friends day and night (and almost certainly jealous of how close their eyes are).

The information is displayed on a timeline that should be familiar to anyone who has used human equivalents. We also offer live check-in to see what your dog is doing at work (if you’ve returned to the office).

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The goal here is a sharable indicator of pets that may point to underlying health problems, such as sleeping too much, going to the water tank late at night, or going frequently. Is to provide. Sudden changes also present a potential danger signal for dog health.

“We are excited to move to overall health tracking that allows dog parents to take care of their pets in the best possible way,” said founder and CEO Jonathan Ben Sammon. Is stated in the release. “If your dog is tired, Fi does because it can’t tell you. Fi answers important questions such as” Is my pet sleeping the right way? ” I can. Or “has that activity level declined recently?” Long before the more serious problem occurred. “

Fi raised $ 30 million in February to expand its reach in the United States, including a recent sales deal with mega-online pet retailer Chewy.

Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs – TechCrunch Source link Fi’s smart collar adds sleep tracking for dogs – TechCrunch

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