FirstFT: Wirecard’s former top accountant admits forging audit documents

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The former chief accountant of Wirecard has Admitted forgery of documents According to people familiar with the subject, KPMG requested during a special audit, ahead of an experiment to be held later this year.

Stefan von Arpa is one of the three defendants in the case filed by plaintiffs in Munich due to the spectacular fall last year of one of the most popular technology companies in Germany.

The 47-year-old is the first senior executive at Wirecard to admit wrongdoing since Oliver Blenhaus, head of a subsidiary in Dubai, turned himself in to authorities in July 2020 and became the chief witness of the lawsuit.

Wirecard crashed into insolvency in June 2020 after admitting that half of its declared revenue and € 1.9 billion of corporate cash allegedly held in trust accounts in Asia did not exist.

Von Erffa is one of three Wirecard executives accused of fraud, breach of trust and market manipulation, alongside Blanhaus and former CEO Marcus Brown, who denies any wrongdoing.

Von Arpa denied any involvement in the fraud and accused the second fugitive under the command of Wirecard Jan Marsalk during a parliamentary inquiry last year. However, a police investigation found evidence that von Erffa forged documents shared with the accountants at KPMG and EY.

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