FirstFT: Russian missile hits Ukraine mall as G7 leaders discuss aid

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Russian missile Hit the busy mall In central Ukraine on Monday, caused a fire in which the death toll may be “impossible to imagine,” said the president, who described the attack as an “act of terrorism.”

Hours after Volodymyr Zlansky pleaded with G7 leaders for more missile defense systems following a series of attacks over the weekend, the Ukrainian president posted a telegram video of the Kremenchuk missile attack, about 320 km southeast of Kiev on the Dnipro River, showing the canyon burning .

“The occupiers fired missiles at the mall, which had more than a thousand civilians,” Zlansky said in a post. “The mall is on fire, rescue workers are fighting the fire, it is impossible to imagine the number of victims,” ​​he added.

In a speech Monday night, Zalansky said the Russian state “has become the largest terrorist organization in the world,” adding that buying Russian oil and maintaining ties with its financial institutions is “giving money to terrorists.”

Dozens of attacks have rocked Ukrainian cities in recent days, including areas far from frontal battles, just as G7 leaders began their summit in the German Alps.

In Elmo Castle, G7 leaders have vowed to do so Impose new sanctions Russia’s ability to import technologies into its arms industry has promised to increase its security commitments to Ukraine. The group of seven advanced economies announced that it would “prepare and expand targeted sanctions to further restrict Russia’s access to key inputs, services and key industrial technologies.”

More from the G7 summit:

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1. Japan is trying to prevent the blackouting of Tokyo The Japanese government on Monday called on businesses and the public in the Tokyo area to do so Cut the use of electricity, Saying that a lack of production capacity could put capital into a power outage. The blackout alert, the second this year, may revive the controversial debate over the restructuring of Japan’s nuclear facilities.

2. Trump’s plans for the Spac deal suffer a blow after summonses Donald Trump’s plans to bring his media business to the public have taken another hit after a federal jury Issued summonses To an empty check company that is about to merge with Trump Media and Technology Group.

3. Credit Suisse was found guilty of negligence in the Bulgarian drug money Credit Suisse became the first local bank to be found Guilty of corporate crime By Swiss authorities after a court found that the lender failed to stop the money laundering of Bulgarian drugs. The verdict was handed down in the city of Bellinzona in southern Switzerland by the country’s highest criminal court on Monday

4. Naspers will sell more than Tencent shares in an attempt to revive shares The South African Internet group Naspers, the largest shareholder in Tencent, has Abandoned commitment Do not sell shares in the most expensive company in China as it seeks to refinance to help its struggling share price.

5. Hajjaj flights from Israel to Saudi Arabia are included in the talks Discussions are underway on a deal that will allow Palestinians with Israeli citizenship to do so Fly directly to Saudi Arabia Conduct the religious pilgrimage of the Hajj and the saying, according to people familiar with the matter. The initiative is one of several discussed ahead of US President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia next month.

The day ahead

Australian Foreign Minister visits Malaysia Penny Wong will Visit Malaysia To meet her counterpart Seifudin Abdullah, Defense Minister Yeshmodin Hussein and Trade and Industry Minister Azmin Ali. (The diplomat)

NATO meeting Officials will gather in Madrid on Tuesday for three days of talks, including NATO enlargement following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. NATO announced yesterday that Increasing its forces on high alert More than seven times to 300,000.

Scotty’s first minister outlines the independence plan Nicola Sturgeon is expected to detail how she plans Hold a referendum with Shani for independence.

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