FirstFT: Macron vows to heal divisions after winning second term

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Emanuel Macron defeated his far-right rival Marin Le Pen To be re-elected President of FranceHe vowed to deal with the “doubts and divisions” of the state during his second five-year term.

Le Pen admitted shortly after initial forecasts showed Macron winning more than 58% of yesterday’s pattern. The far-right leader said her National Rassemblement National Party would fight in the French National Assembly in June.

Speaking to supporters in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Macron admitted he would have to head a divided nation in his second term after many supported his opponent or did not vote.

“Our country is in doubt and divisions,” he said. “Voting today requires us to consider all the difficulties of people’s lives and respond effectively to them and to the anger expressed.”

Macron’s victory, first elected in 2017, comes as a relief to France’s investors and allies in the EU and NATO in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Or the election of Donald Trump.

However, Le Pen’s far – right party had the best performance since World War II and 28% of voters did not attend – the highest level of abstinence since 1969. More than half of voters in the first round two weeks ago voted for right-wing, Eurosceptic or nationalist candidates. The extreme left.

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  • Immediate insight: Emanuel Macron’s Strategy It paid off nicely, Writes Ben Hall. He relied on French voters to line up with the far right – the so-called Republican front – to win again. But the level of avoidance is hardly a ringing confirmation of macronism, he says.

  • Gideon Rahman: This is Macron’s opportunity Shaping the future of EuropeWrites the chief commentator on foreign affairs of the FT.

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The last from the war in Ukraine

  • God us Undertook to resume diplomatic operations in Ukraine and offered the country more than $ 322 million in military funding after Stealth trip To Kiev by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Minister Lloyd Austin.

  • Vladimir Putin Lost interest in diplomatic efforts to end his war, and instead seems to be continuing Occupy as much space as possibleAccording to three people who were briefed on conversations with him.

  • Russian forces there is Get their attention To Donbas, in eastern Ukraine, where many contract a A brutal and bloody attack.

  • Putin is pushing Finland and Sweden into NATO, he says The FT system. But Stockholm must consider the history of its neutrality, Adds Richard Milne.

1. EXCLUSIVE: A company supported by Gates who was accused of firing informants who flagged misconduct Ecolab, a U.S.-listed hygiene company backed by Bill Gates, last year praised the “integrity” of a senior executive who resigned for allegedly violating compliance and later fired two employees who marked the inappropriate conduct internally. The Financial Times can reveal.

2. Beijing gripped buying panic when Cubid cases rise Beijing residents yesterday and today emptied the supermarket shelves of meat and vegetables and non-perishable foods as they prepared to close in Shanghai-style. Separately, it was revealed that one of the top government health officials in China Has repeatedly promoted drugs for Covid-19 Included in Beijing’s official treatment protocol for the disease without disclosing its ties with the manufacturers.

Nissan shares fall on reports that Sharano is considering selling part of its stake Shares of Japanese automaker Dropped more than 4% today in Tokyo It is reported that Renault, Nissan’s largest shareholder, is considering selling some of its shares. Renault is ahead of plans to split its EV business and combustion engines as it moves to catch up with Tesla and Volkswagen.

4. The Norwegian Wealth Fund supports calls for a special audit by Credit Suisse The largest sovereign wealth fund in the world supported Calls for a special review Of the Swiss lender and warned that it would not absolve executives and board members of blame for scandals including the collapse of the financing company in the supply chain Grinsil and the family firm Archegos Capital.

5. An activist calls on investors to come out against the board of Just Eat Takeaway One of the major shareholders of Just Eat Takeaway called on other investors to join it in a vote against the re-election of the Chief Food Officer of the Food Delivery Group and most of its board. Cat Rock Capital said JET’s board has been smart “Catastrophic destruction of equity value” Since the announcement of the acquisition of the US food delivery group Grubhub in June 2020.

The day ahead

Company profits Activision Blizzard, which agreed to be acquired by Microsoft in January, is expected to report low profits in the first quarter as the positive effects of the epidemic on video game makers fade. Comments on inflation and the supply chain will be closely monitored by investors as Coca-Cola publishes its first quarter results.

Voting by Amazon workers’ unions After Staten Island workers won a milestone battle for a union organization at the e-commerce company, the team at another facility across the street voting In their own union elections.

Economic Data The figures are expected to show Brazil had a current account deficit of $ 1.75 billion in February, down from $ 8.1 billion the previous month.

Ursula von Der Lane visits New Delhi The EU is preparing to announce its establishment Trade and Technology Board With India as President of the European Commission he met with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the State.

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The threat of a global ‘shopping strike’ increases as the cost of living hits History shows us that when consumers reduce spending at their discretion This poses a serious risk to markets, Writes Rene Forhar. With inflation at a peak of 40 years in America and adjusted household income declining at the fastest rate since the government began collecting data in 1959, it is starting to happen, she says.

Elon Musk opens a route for investor activity in a new model Shareholder activity is on the rise. And Tesla’s CEO, a vocal supporter of electric cars, gas-consuming rockets and many other contradictions, is its hero. This leaves low-performance companies vulnerable, Writes Patrick Jenkins.

  • Another opinion: The richest man in the world does not seem to be interested in what Twitter needs the most help with: Rethinking its business modelClaims John Thornhill.

The Super Bowl commercials of the crypto industry are approaching LeBron James and Larry David were among the star-studded cast of crypto commercials shown during the American Football game two months ago. since, Trading has become slow For factors such as rising interest rates and the war in Ukraine have hurt the spirit of investors.

Anxiety in the workplace – and how to overcome it Feeling stressed or even scared at work? Here are a few Simple techniques Helping You Manage It And Support Others By Viv Groskop, author How to hold the room.

Feedback from readers

Last week I asked for your comments on Netflix after the streaming service said it would lose 2 million subscribers this quarter. The shock message led to questions on the subject The future of Netflix And his business model. Bas van Buijtenen, a reader living in Switzerland, shared these thoughts:

I believe there is worse to come. The basic decay began when Netflix decided to move from being a distributor of other people’s content to actually being a content provider, a studio. My prediction is that each of the streaming services will hit this issue: exclusive distribution of proprietary content will not be a profitable business model.

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