FirstFT: Biden warns Russia of ‘response’ if it uses chemical weapons

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Joe Biden said the U.S. and its allies did Ready to respond Proportionately severe if Russia uses chemical weapons in the invasion of Ukraine, as it has urged the West to remain united in its response to the war.

The US President spoke after meeting with NATO leaders to discuss the issue Comment Possible use of weapons of mass destruction by Russia, as well as military aid to Ukraine and stricter sanctions on Moscow.

The summit, to which Biden called at short notice, was his first stop on a day-long trip to Europe designed to bolster resistance to Putin’s war in Ukraine, with the increasingly brutal invasion about to enter its fifth week.

More news about Ukraine

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1. The head of P&O admits to breaking the law Peter Haltwhite, CEO of the Shuttle Group, Caused a storm For he admitted to breaking the law by firing the entire British staff of the company without notice or consultation. But ministers admitted that perhaps the government did There is no legal remedy.

2. Mushiri holds the largest stake in the Royal Liber building Everton Football Club owner Farhad Mushiri Holds the largest share In the Liverpool building, which was offered for sale days after a longtime Russian ally of the British-Iranian businessman was hit by sanctions, according to a document seen by the Financial Times.

3. Goldman Sachs stops business with an oligarch-related PE group Goldman Sachs and Kirkland and Alice have Pause new business With Pamplona Capital Management, the $ 9 billion private equity firm whose firepower comes from Mikhail Friedman’s LetterOne investment group.

4. Houses Buy Alts Specialists Traditional asset management groups are Expanding the supply of alternative investments When they seek to increase profitability and evade competition from private capital giants.

5. Ethiopia declares ‘unilateral truce’ in tiger conflict The government has announced what it calls “Unilateral ceasefire“In its 16-month conflict with Tigray to allow food aid to move to the blocked northern area.

Corona digestion

  • North America Is expected to be hit by a sharp rise in infections of Omicron BA.2 sub-version Within weeks, experts warn.

  • Manufacturers b porcelain Prepare their factories to operate “Bubbles” are very isolated That can continue to operate for weeks during locking.

  • opinion: Widening equality inequalities, mental health crisis and missing children are a dismal background to England’s Cubid White Paper, Writes Miranda Green.

The days ahead

The UK moratorium was lifted on commercial eviction Of the government The ban on commercial evacuation ends On the day the Commercial Lease Act (Corona) came into force. Restaurants may have to pay rent for the periods when they were unable to open.

Economic Data The UK will receive a updating On consumer confidence and retail sales for February, while U.S. consumer confidence is expected to be sour With inflation at a peak of four decades. (FT, WSJ)

Elections German voters will turn to Surveys Tomorrow in the state of West Saarland, when Malta holds general elections. On Sunday, Hong Kong will hold an indirect election of its CEO by a 1,500-member election committee governed by pro-Beijing interests.

And the Oscar goes to. . . The 94th Academy Awards ceremony, the Oscars, convenes Sunday in Hollywood. Read on The nominees for the four main awards here.

What else are we reading and listening to him

Russia, Ukraine and Europe’s 200 years of peace As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its second month, we find ourselves in a world that many Europeans thought they had left forever – a world of annexation and division. What can today’s negotiators learn from centuries of statehood?

Venture capitalists opt for crypto start-up transactions over board seats Founders of digital asset groups want to Limit the involvement of outside supportersSo a large portion of mostly unregulated projects like “decentralized autonomous organizations” do not even have formal councils.

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The problem with launching fantasy novels on Kickstarter Brandon Sanderson, a popular fantasy and science fiction writer, contacted the fundraising site and drummed $ 30 million. Tim Harford is Not tempted to do the samebut.

Does office romance make you a better employee? In the latest Working It podcast, host Isabel Berwick discusses the way organizations work Police relations. Joining her are the co-founders of a business who shared an affair before sharing assets.


The world still can not get enough of Andy Warhol, the pop artist who was ahead of his time in producing multiple prints for select collectors. John Gaffer investigates why.

Andy Warhol’s ‘Shot Sage Blue Marilyn’ will go on auction at Christie’s in May for an estimated $ 200 million © Timothy A Clary / AFP / Getty Images

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FirstFT: Biden warns Russia of ‘response’ if it uses chemical weapons Source link FirstFT: Biden warns Russia of ‘response’ if it uses chemical weapons

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