Firefighters coming out of retirement to fight Caldor Fire

Lake Tahoe, CA (KERO) — Wildfires continue to work 24 hours a day to combat these flames, burning more than 2 million acres across California and more than 14,000 firefighters on the front lines. There is. Some retirees with local ties also support these firefighting activities.

When the two Bakersfield fire departments retired a few years ago, they thought they would never see the flames again. Never say it, as they say, as it changed years later, not to mention wildfires.

“When I retired, I thought. I had never planned to do this, and when Aaron asked me, I said yes, it looks fun,” said the retired firefighter. Captain Paul Nunez said.

Nunez and retired engineer Aaron Moore thought the call would never be accepted and asked to help control the wildfire. But to my surprise, it all changed and they are now heading north, fighting the Caldor fire near South Lake Tahoe.

“It’s great to come back. It’s like staying in your entire life,” Moore said.

“There are firefighters from different departments here, only the comrades I had when I was working, and it’s still the same,” Nunez said.

Last week, the Bakersfield Fire Department posted a photo stating, “If you see a community where firefighters are in trouble, you may quit your job, but your passion for service continues.”

“They recognize that we were once firefighters, but they still accept us as one of them,” Nunez said.

Nunez and Moore faced 23ABC after several weeks of 24-hour shift work at a communications center where CalFire and National Forest Service direct helicopter pilot traffic on helicases. That effort plays an important role in fighting the flames from above.

“The funny thing is, you know we’re not at the forefront this time. We only support all the front lines, and it’s still an important task,” said Nunez.

Nunez retired in 2015 with Moore a few years ago, but when he retired, it didn’t take long to miss the industry.

They added that this is not the scene they are used to. But the other things they’re used to are long shifts and endless nights.

“Being a firefighter for years, I never took a nap. I was fighting a fire all night. It’s in your soul, in your body. That’s our job, “Moore said.

Moore told 23ABC that another retired Bakersfield firefighter, Al Johnson, was heading there to rescue Nunez on Tuesday. Johnson has retired from the fire brigade for 23 years and is a veteran of the US Navy.

Firefighters coming out of retirement to fight Caldor Fire Source link Firefighters coming out of retirement to fight Caldor Fire

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