Fire that Destroyed Blossom Hill Home Depot ‘Not Suspicious,’ San Jose Investigators Report

Fire investigators reported Sunday that the site of the fire of five alarms destroyed by the Home Depot store on Blossom Hill Street in San Jose on April 9 is still too unstable to allow them to sift through the rubble and identify the cause of the spectacular fire.

In a press release issued at 6:30 p.m. on April 10, the San Jose Fire Department confirmed that no one was injured in the fire, that the fire appeared to have started in the wooded area and that the cause of the fire was not suspected.

April 9, Fire at Home Depot, Blossom Hill Road, San Jose.
Photo courtesy of San Jose Firefighters.

The San Jose Fire Department also said a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department helicopter spotted two other fires while flying over the Home Depot fire in San Jose.

The San Jose Firefighters Association has published Photos Of the fire at Home Depot on her Instagram pages, including those photographed by firefighters, ABC7 News And NBC Bay Area.

The fire on April 9 at 5:30 p.m., forced the evacuation of workers and also of pets at a nearby animal hospital and burned for more than six hours until nearly 100 firefighters took control of it at 11:44 p.m.

Officials said Sunday evening that firefighters are investigating whether the two fires detected by the helicopter crew – who were immediately reported to San Jose firefighters – are related to the fire at Home Depot.

Smoke billows from April 9 A fire at Home Depot was seen for miles across the bay area.
Image from San Jose Firefighters.

All customers and store employees at the 920 Blossom Hill Road store site escaped the fire safely. Officials said Sunday evening, all the animals from a nearby veterinarian hospital had been evacuated safely, and a reunion site had been set up in the nearby Golfland for pet owners. All remaining animals were at the San Jose Animal Care Center on Sunday evening.

An on-site shelter order was lifted for South San Jose residents on Sunday afternoon after an improvement in air quality. People living or working in the El Lisa Drive area were ordered to stay indoors due to unhealthy air quality caused by alluvial smoke. The fire was intense enough to appear on radar and satellite imagery systems, according to the National Weather Service.

Home Depot workers said the fire started in the southwest corner of the store.

According to San Jose’s fire department, it is estimated that the fire started in the wood and drywall section of the store, but they said the investigation is expected to last several days.

“The main purpose of the firefighters was to prevent the massive fire from spreading to other businesses located inside the Strip Canyon-type building, which included a veterinarian hospital and an additional hardware store,” firefighters reported Sunday evening. “The crews successfully prevented the fire from spreading beyond the source business.”

About 15 homes located directly behind the Home Depot on El Lisa Drive and the joint business in the building were evacuated during the fire. Firefighters said they were able to allow residents to return to their homes by the end of Saturday. Most of the evacuated animals have reunited with their owners and all the rest are now in the SJACC and awaiting reunification, according to the fire department.

The shelter at the site was removed Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

“There is currently no indication that this fire was suspicious in nature,” firefighters said. “While above the fire, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department STAR1 helicopter observed two nearby fires and quickly reported them to the SJFD. At this point it is not clear if these fires were in any way related to the Home Depot fire. SJFD is examining this issue and can provide more information. At a later date. “

Bay Area News contributed to this report.

The interior of the Home Depot store was infernal.
Image provided by San Jose Fire Brigade.

Fire that Destroyed Blossom Hill Home Depot ‘Not Suspicious,’ San Jose Investigators Report Source link Fire that Destroyed Blossom Hill Home Depot ‘Not Suspicious,’ San Jose Investigators Report

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