Father and son acquitted of 2020 Fresno murder

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – A father and son on trial for a 2020 murder in southeastern Fresno have been acquitted after being acquitted.

Jesus Serena, Sr. and Jesus Serena, Jr. were accused of shooting and killing 43-year-old Florentino Higuera.

Investigators said the father and son did not target Higuera, but intended to shoot another man who was caught in a love affair with senior Serena and his girlfriend.

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Emotions erupted on Wednesday as the jury acquitted both men of all charges of murder and assault.

“The court spent three months in this case. Not all in court – but they did a tremendous job,” said defense attorney Charles Barrett. “We are grateful that they took the time. It was a very difficult case. Ms. Freeman did a very good job, but the evidence was not there. But we are grateful that she followed the law.”

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No lethal weapons or ammunition were found at the crime scene near McKenzie Avenue and Ninth Street.

Prosecutors said the cell phone data collected from the senior Serena’s phone were unclear and did not link him to the murder.

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Father and son acquitted of 2020 Fresno murder Source link Father and son acquitted of 2020 Fresno murder

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