Farrah Abraham: Is She Being Racist Again?

Farrah Abraham says a lot.

And there really isn’t a reason like 95% of them.

Indeed, she is allowed to say what she wants, it’s a free country or something.

But to be honest, much of what comes out of her mouth Absolute garbage And I really feel that the world will be a better place if she can compress it more often, do you know?

Most of the time she says Lie about going to Harvard Or when she calls herself “a celebrity listed in the top 10 of the country”.

But sometimes she says something really harmful, Just unacceptable..

Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those times.

By the way, we are talking about a written statement from Fara, so we say “yes”. That means we can hardly understand it.

But from what we can say … well, that’s not good.

Well, a few days ago, Fara jumped on Twitter and shared a seriously confused idea.

Fara's Chinese tweet

“It’s very strange to look at the cultural races that have been investigated for decades and included in businesses, etc., but they say they are rarely seen, limiting the birth of Muslim women. “She writes.

“We should really talk more about being a #middleeastern #china mental illness,” she concluded, adding a gif from the 1997 Disney classic Hercules.

It doesn’t make much sense when you first read it, of course it’s not.

But at this point we’re a kind of scholar on the subject of Fara’s weird way of speaking, so I think she understands pretty well what she’s trying to say.

The “cultural race” she refers to here seems to be Asians, given the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes and strong efforts to raise awareness about it. ..

So it’s strange for her that they are complaining about racism, as Asians have long said they are “participating in the survey” and “being included in the business.” ..

This is because there are many reports that Uighur women, mostly Muslim, are forced to use contraception in China. The “China” hashtag is pretty clear what she’s talking about.

If that is true, she believes that Asians need to understand that it is more difficult to be in the Middle East, as racism is clearly a race against her.

And the last part, horribly, is that Asians are mentally ill because they are complaining about racism and hate crimes, and she should discuss this “problem” more often. Seems to suggest what he is thinking.

Is there any other way to read her tweets? Because I can’t think of anything.

It is also important to note here that Fara has a short history of making racist statements.

Remember the time she said She is attracted only to white menAnd, “I’m not really interested in black guys” because “it’s more about Kardashian”?

Or she was discussing with Chad “Ochoshinko” Johnson’s mother at a marriage boot camp and she gave her “F-cking disgusting black sh-t”??

Or hey, if none of it rings the bell, what about the time she wrote in one comment on a Black China Instagram post? “F-ckin monkey ewe sh-t come up 4 what she is anothing”??

If she said it all, it’s not really hard to think she can say so blatantly racist on Twitter.

What do you think of Fara’s remarks?

Farrah Abraham: Is She Being Racist Again? Source link Farrah Abraham: Is She Being Racist Again?

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