Farrah Abraham Checks Into Rehab: See Ya In a Month, Losers!

Again in January, Farrah Abraham attacked the guard when he was out partying at a Los Angeles nightclub.

He was immediately fastened to the floor and held there until police arrived, at which point the crying mother of one child was put in irons and transported to prison.

Fortunately, a video of this case exists for our entertainment.

Most of the celebrities in Ms Abraham’s shoes would probably just take the letter L, apologize, and go to rehabilitation to get treatment for their obvious drinking problem.

But not Farrah.

He seeks rehabilitation, but not because he wants to make sure he is never beaten and attacked by an unknown.

No, Farrah will spend the next four weeks treating the trauma she suffered when she was squeezed to the floor and arrested.

“#Trauma treatment center 28 days to go – let me know if it works! As it heals, “Farrah captioned in a recent Instagram video.

“Our recovery is a real way to show our prosperity and success,” he told fans in the video.

“So I’m taking the time to heal. I’ve been ignoring people for over 11 months after experiencing sexual violence and the breakdown of my whole body, the breakdown of my whole brain.”

Well, showing your “wealth and success” to the world isn’t really a good reason to seek rehabilitation, but Farrah at least encourages people to take their mental health seriously.

We think.

As with many other Farrah videos, it’s not entirely clear what he’s trying to say here.

In any case, some commentators think this is Farrah’s way of confirming his argument when he finally sues the club and the guard who got him arrested.

In any case, Farrah has no real risk.

It looks like the nursing home is offering him a free stay if he yells at them on social media, so he just has to come to the scene and talk about himself for a month.

In addition, he has sought an excuse escape from Sofia awhile.

You see, we wouldn’t normally laugh at anyone for reasons to seek rehabilitation, and we sincerely hope Farrah gets any help.

But everything Farrah does seems so calculated, and her decision to seek treatment doesn’t seem to be an exception.

Abraham launched an unprovoked attack on someone else, and now he claims to have been traumatized because it didn’t work for him.

That’s the kind of narcissistic thinking we’re used to expecting from Farrah, and it makes it hard to take seriously anything he says or does.

But who knows?

Perhaps the staff of this institution is forcing Farrah to face her only real enemy – herself – and for the first time since she became famous as a teenager, she is actually forced to answer some difficult questions.

Of course, if something like that happens, he’ll probably just get up and leave.

Maybe we should stop expecting so much from this experience and instead just be grateful that Farrah is out of our lives for a month!

Farrah Abraham Checks Into Rehab: See Ya In a Month, Losers! Source link Farrah Abraham Checks Into Rehab: See Ya In a Month, Losers!

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