Farmers in Bakersfield show support for protests in India

Bakersfield, CA (KERO) — Far from home, but in a spiritually intimate relationship, local farmers here in Bakersfield have shown support for farmers who have been protesting throughout India. Almost a year later, they have a reason to rejoice.

In September 2020, the Government of India introduced three agricultural bills that let businesses set prices and own land. Indian farmers felt this was unfair, so they began protesting earlier this year, and in solidarity with them, local farmers in Bakersfield also began protesting, and a few weeks ago the Prime Minister had a bill. Abolished, national peasant.

That’s why Indian farmers, who were protesting laws that could rob land and lower crop prices, were pleased to hear from the government almost a year later.

“Thank you, the Government of India and supporters, thank you to all the farmers,” said local farmer Giovandit Singh.

Getting there has never been an easy path.

“We are protesting and we will lose many farmers over there,” said Giovandit.

Not only India, but even Bakersfield farmers wanted to show support for their hometown farmers.

“We have been sitting here for nine months in support of protests in India,” said local farmer Simranjit Singh Deol.

Local farmers and community members gathered every weekend for several hours in the Riverwalk Park.

“Everyone here is a businessman or works, so everyone contributed in protest their time, family time here,” said Shin Deol.

They couldn’t physically return to India, but they knew the struggle and wanted the farmers protesting there to know they weren’t alone.

“We know how hard it would be if the corporate world were to take over, and what would happen if someone paid a daily price for our hard-earned work,” said local farmer Simran. Panu said.

It was all about bringing the community together to make a difference.

“Everyone is now participating in the protest,” said local farmer Radipal Singh.

But the battle is not over yet. The farmers said they would continue to protest here as long as the farmers in their hometown were also fighting.

“When we go back to India and they go home, we can probably stop here,” said Giovandit.

They said they would come here to support any purpose or community in need of assistance, not just this time.

“Therefore, whenever there is injustice in this world, we at Bakersfield protest,” said Shin Deol.

Farmers in Bakersfield show support for protests in India Source link Farmers in Bakersfield show support for protests in India

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