Famous Hollywood Mountain Lion Captured and Study

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Southern California’s most famous mountain lion, P-22, was captured and will undergo a medical examination after killing a dog that was walking in the Hollywood Hills, wildlife officials said Thursday. Stated.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said, “P-22 is a very old cat in the wild and may be showing signs of distress after being found responsible for killing a leash pet last month. There is,’ he said. publication with the National Park Service.

After the inspection, authorities will “determine the best next steps for the animals while prioritizing the safety of the surrounding area,” the agencies said in a joint statement.

They didn’t show what would happen to the cougar.

The P-22 wears a tracking collar as part of a Park Service survey and is known to Southern Californians for traversing two highways to reach a roaming ground surrounded by urban areas. The big cats are regularly recorded on security cameras strolling the residential neighborhoods near Griffith Park, a vast wilderness and picnic area.

P-22 is believed to be about 12 years old, making him the oldest Southern California cougar currently being studied. Most mountain lions live about 10 years.

“It’s unprecedented to see a mountain lion continue to live like this in an urban setting. But as P-22 ages, the challenges associated with life on its island habitat appear to increase, and scientists say he “We’re noticing recent changes in the behavior of squirrels,” the state wildlife service said.

The P-22 typically hunts deer and coyotes, but last month the National Park Service confirmed that a cougar attacked and killed a Chihuahua mix walking the narrow streets of the Hollywood Hills.

A P-22 is also suspected of attacking another Chihuahua around Silver Lake last Sunday.Owner Rene Astorga said: KABC TV He punched and kicked him until the cougar released the dog, which required stitches.

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