Family of Man Who Died After Encounter With Chula Vista Police Files New Suits

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Chula Vista Police Station.Courtesy of the department

A family of 56-year-old men who died earlier this year following an encounter with Chula Vista police announced on Monday that they had filed two illegal death proceedings against the city.

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The proceedings seek the name of a police officer who was involved in the call for service on March 13, which led to the death of Oral Nunis.

Both proceedings called 911 after midnight on March 13, after the father began to experience mental health problems, upstairs windows.

Kimone Nunith said while addressing reporters at the press conference announcing the proceedings, the corresponding police officer did not talk to her or ask her father what was happening when she arrived. ..

“I just wanted help that night. I picked up the phone. I didn’t know what I was crazy about,” she said.

According to a family attorney, police officers worked outside the house on Nunis, creating a “dog pile” on him, putting him in a WRAP restraint, and putting a “spitting hood” on his head.

In a statement released shortly after Nunis’ death, police said he was detained so as not to hurt himself or others. The agency also claimed that Nunis “did not work with police officers and they had a hard time trying to detain him,” injuring two police officers.

In a federal proceeding, Nunis was unconscious and unresponsive, claiming that these detentions were imposed on him while he was unconscious.

Nunis was taken to the hospital and later sentenced to death.

Attorney John Barris, who represents the family, said police should have responded by exacerbating the situation.

“Mr. Nunis was asking for help. The family was asking for help, but instead of getting help, he met power,” Barris said.

A similar proceeding was filed last month on behalf of Nunis’ widow and three other children. Their attorney, Carl Douglas, claimed that the city had withheld the cause of death for Nunis, and a statement released last month showed that the cause of his death had not yet been determined.

“The city of Chula Vista understands and shares the desire of the general public and their families to answer all questions about the case, but it is premature and inappropriate to reach a conclusion at this time.” , According to a city statement against the proceedings. “The investigation is ongoing and the true cause of death has not been determined by the coroner. Because of this, and now because of the threat of proceedings, the city and police have commented beyond the statement already made. The city and police continue to express their heartfelt condolences to the family and all those who have been exposed to the tragic death of Mr. Nunis. “

City officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the latest submissions.

In addition to federal proceedings alleging illegal death and Nunith’s civil rights infringement, state proceedings require the names of police officers to be published.

According to the complaint, Kimone Nunis filed a request for California Public Records Act in July, including the names of police officers involved, body camera footage, reports and statements from witnesses, and other police possessions regarding the case. I asked for information on.

A few months later, the family was told that information had been withheld “due to ongoing criminal and administrative investigations,” according to a lawsuit alleging that the city violated the CPRA.

— City News Service

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Family of Man Who Died After Encounter With Chula Vista Police Files New Suits Source link Family of Man Who Died After Encounter With Chula Vista Police Files New Suits

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