Family of man killed by Tustin police wants officer behind bars

Tustin, CA (KABC)-A sad family demands justice after watching a video showing the moment of death of a loved one in the hands of police.

Luis Manuel Garcia was shot by a Tastin police officer on the morning of August 9.

Garcia, a homeless person, later died in a local hospital.

Garcia’s sister, Juana Garcia Arias, and her daughter, Serene Garcia, felt sad after seeing the recording.

“It happens many times where we can no longer forgive it. We have to speak up,” said Serene Garcia.

Eyewitness News has obtained a video of a body camera used to explain the incident to the police.

After a 911 call reporting a man with a knife living in a bush outside a mobile home on Williams Street, police arrived to find Garcia sleeping.

I can hear the female officer telling Garcia, “Hey, get up. Raise your hand and come out.”

The female officer has been pulled out of the gun. She seems to have a history with Garcia, as she heard her telling Garcia, “I know you. Come on.”

A Tastin PD spokesman did not confirm this.

Just over a minute after the female officer was seen in contact with Garcia, she was fired.

After Garcia replied in Spanish that she was waiting for his friend, police insisted that Garcia would come out with the gun holstered.

Garcia agrees asking why the police are taking him, saying he is collecting recyclables.

But when Garcia escapes, a male officer hears in the video that Garcia has a stick.

The male policeman pulls a taser gun. A policewoman pulls her gun.

Garcia comes out with a stick and a bag. A male policeman shoots Garcia with a taser gun. Then the policewoman shoots Garcia.

“He was already defenseless. It wasn’t okay for her to shoot him,” said Serene Garcia.

Garcia’s family said he was suffering from a mental illness, but refused their help.

Garcia’s sister told Witness News that she wanted to see a policeman who shot her brother behind the bar.

Juana Garcia Arias said the public was unsafe because her brother was murdered and the officer was working.

Tastin PD confirmed last Friday that police officers were not on vacation while investigating the case.

At the end of the video, police say Garcia was armed with a sturdy wooden stick.

The Orange County Law Firm supports the California Department of Justice investigation. Under California law, the state DOJ will intervene if the suspect is found unarmed during a shooting involving police officers.

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Family of man killed by Tustin police wants officer behind bars Source link Family of man killed by Tustin police wants officer behind bars

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