Family forced off flight to Long Beach after dispute over mask

ST. Louis-The family was told that they were not allowed to board the plane at St. Louis Lambert International Airport-because children with autism cannot wear masks. The airline, however, said there was more to talk about.

La Shaunda Jethro grew up in St. Louis. Her husband also grew up in the area on the other side of the river in Fairview Heights, Illinois. They were in town this weekend with their 17-year-old son, Trey, who is also non-verbal.

Jessro told News 4 that the trip to Lambert Airport was easy and not a problem. But that was another story when they boarded their return flight to Long Beach, California.

“Everyone was very kind. The ticket agent there pre-boarded us and noticed when I saw my son. A TSA woman looked at us and said,” You don’t come here. Hmm, we’re going through him. ” ‘” Said Jessro.

It was before Jessro and her family arrived at the gate. Jessro said it was already difficult to fly with his son, and masking adds another level of difficulty.

“He wouldn’t put a mask on his face. We tried, but he wouldn’t do that,” Jessro told News 4.

Airline Controversy: Family says they have begun flying to New York over toddlers who don’t wear masks

Jessros was flying southwest. News 4 investigated airline policy and confirmed that there was a masking exemption. This includes passengers with disabilities.You can do it Read that policy here..

The policy states that the passenger or guardian must fill out a formal request for masking tax exemption in addition to having a doctor’s memo.

“We get to the door of the plane and the flight attendant is like,” No, he can’t come, he has to wear a mask. “

Jessro, who is also a nurse practitioner, told flight attendants that his son was completely vaccinated and tried to show his vaccination card. After going back and forth with the airline, and after calling News 4, Jessros was allowed to board.

But when he sat down, the flight attendants asked only his mother to get off. Jessro went back and forth with the flight attendants many times and asked why she had to be taken away.

Southwest Airlines has sent the following statement to News 4.

“While boarding Flight 4238 from St. Louis to Long Beach this morning, I was concerned about documents related to customers seeking an exemption from the mask policy for children. Our ground operations team and flight crew were family members. I came up with a solution to allow me to travel, but after boarding, one of my family members was asked to leave the plane after a conversation with a flight attendant because he did not comply with the federal mask’s obligations. Eventually, the flight crew was on board with all crew and passengers. Upon entering the gate area, the St. Louis team explained the situation and rebooked the passenger on another flight. “

According to a statement, Jessro was asked to disembark from the plane after a conversation with a flight attendant, not complying with Mask’s obligations. News 4 spoke with a Southwest spokesman on the phone on Sunday. Jessro wasn’t wearing a mask at some point during the conversation with the attendant, but he said he couldn’t reveal any further details.

Jessro said he was always wearing a mask. She told News 4 on Sunday that she had a mask that was too big and kept falling, but she continued to readjust and confirmed that it covered her face. An airline spokesperson also disagrees with this.

“I’m still shocked and amazed at what happened. That’s what else I can do. I don’t know what to do other than call the company. That we are. What do I need to do to make sure I’m doing the right thing? “

Etro told News 4 that her and her family’s belongings, including her son’s necessary medications, were on a plane to California. She believes it’s already on Long Beach, but said no one can catch it at the airport there. So far, the family of three has been rebooked on a flight from Lambert Airport on Monday morning.

Family forced off flight to Long Beach after dispute over mask Source link Family forced off flight to Long Beach after dispute over mask

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