Families of Uvalde, Buffalo victims to testify in Congress before House committee

WASHINGTON – The parents of the victims and the survivors of the mass shootings in Buffalo and Ovalde will appear before a House committee on Wednesday in an effort to bring home the devastation of the armed violence epidemic in America.

A spokeswoman for Carolyn Maloney, DN.Y., chairwoman of the Oversight Committee, said last week that the hearing would look at the human impact of armed violence and the urgent need for legislation to control gun control by lawmakers.

“I hope all my colleagues will listen with an open heart as the survivors of the armed violence and my loved ones narrate one of the darkest days of their lives,” Maloney said in a statement. “This hearing is ultimately about saving lives and I hope it will mobilize my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation to do just that.”

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Wednesday’s panel will include testimony from the mother of a 20-year-old who was shot in a racist shooting last month at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and the parents of a 10-year-old girl shot and killed in her elementary school. , 12 days later.

The panel will also hear Miah Cerrillo, a fourth-grader covered in the blood of her dead classmate and played dead to survive the heat of the Uvalde shootings. The committee said the deposits would be made either in person or in person.

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New York Mayor Eric Adams is also set to testify. He says New Yorkers deserve help from lawmakers.

Since 2017, mass shootings in the United States – described as shooting incidents in which at least four people have been injured or killed – have almost doubled from year to year. Already, there have been 212 mass shootings in 2022 – a 50% increase from 141 shootings in May 2017. The graph above shows the number of shootings per state. Mobile users: Click here to see our map of mass shootings in the US over the past five years

The number of people injured or killed does not include the suspect or perpetrator. These graphs show the number of victims in all the mass shootings in the last five years.

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Families of Uvalde, Buffalo victims to testify in Congress before House committee Source link Families of Uvalde, Buffalo victims to testify in Congress before House committee

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