Families mourn victims of Sacramento mass shooting; community left ‘stunned’

SACRAMEDO, CA (KFSN) – Candles were lit at the corner of K and 9th Streets in downtown Sacramento, just one block from where shootings killed six people and injured 12 others.

Family members gathered as they waited for the forensic office to pick up the bodies of their loved ones from the crime scene.

The shooting took place shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday on a street full of theaters, restaurants and nightclubs.

Officers nearby heard gunshots and rushed to the scene.

Dozens of markers are now framing the sidewalks.

Allan Hugo lives along K Street and heard gunshots, “Just keep going … just pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.”

He recorded a video as police arrived, saying he had now lost his sense of security.

“It has scared us all. We are all as surprised,” Hugo said.

A total of 18 adults were shot. Three men and three women did not survive.

Officials say they have collected hundreds of pieces of evidence, including a stolen firearm. Police cameras also recorded part of the shooting.

Now detectives are trying to determine the motive.

“We know there was a lot of fighting just before the shooting and we have confirmed that there are a lot of shooters,” said Sacramento Police Chief Kathryn Lester.

As police search for at least two perpetrators, family members mourn the loss of their loved ones.

Pamela Harris visited the area on Sunday, saying her son, Sergio Harris, 38, was among those killed.

He was a married father of two children.

Now he calls for more to be done to protect people in the city.

“They have to take control of it. Can’t people go to a club and have fun without worrying about going out and worrying about being alive the next day?” said Harris.

DeVazia Turner’s family said they also did not survive. He was from Vacaville and was only 29 years old.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is committed to doing more to keep people safe.

“We will do what we can in terms of investment, in terms of public security, in terms of weapons. To protect the public,” said the mayor.

Sacramento police have not released any suspicious information at this time. They have not yet given any information about the 12 wounded in this shooting.

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Families mourn victims of Sacramento mass shooting; community left ‘stunned’ Source link Families mourn victims of Sacramento mass shooting; community left ‘stunned’

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