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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on September 30, 2021. The last day of the third quarter. Yes, that means the season for earnings is coming, and we have a lot of venture capital data-we’ll talk more about that soon-but more importantly, On earth Is it Q4? already?

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TechCrunch Top 3

  • Facebook is spinning its own research: The only way to get Facebook to release data and surveys about its own platform that isn’t filtered by PR Leviathan is to leak Facebook. Next Facebook May Release it, but with a huge amount of its own spin. Of course, this is exactly the kind of transparency that social giants are famously and discussing in the Senate today.
  • Indian startup market moving at an astonishing third quarter pace: An early survey of India’s rapidly expanding venture capital market could set a new record for India in the third quarter. The competition between India and China, which can be seen in so many areas, now has a start-up angle. The startup notes have more details about India.
  • Alloy will raise $ 100 million for fraud prevention work. I often write about consumer-based FinTech start-ups, but not all financial technology start-ups want to sell to you or me. Alloy is an example of a B2B fintech startup, with a focus on automating “determining onboarding identities” and “monitoring transactions,” TechCrunch reports. The company is currently worth $ 1.35 billion.

Startup / VC

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As promised above, start your startup job with two stories from India.

  • Ola Electric will raise $ 200 million. Bangalore-based startups that manufacture electric scooters are part of the larger Ora Empire, a giant startup offering ride-haling services in the Indian market. Ora’s electricity business is now worth $ 3 billion, up from $ 1 billion two years ago.
  • And when it comes to Indian startups that are now worth $ 3 billion, Tiger is investing in Of Business: The $ 207 million Series F round doubled the value of OfBusiness in just two months and is now $ 3 billion. What does a startup do? According to TechCrunch, it’s a “commerce startup that sells industrial products and provides credit to small businesses.” Given how many SMBs there are in India, startups shouldn’t run out of room for growth for some time.

Next is venture capital news.

And finally, an overview of venture rounds:

  • Special chips are a big business: It’s the bet behind Speedata, who has stepped out of stealth and announced $ 70 million in financial support. Fabless companies are building what is called “the world’s first dedicated processor for optimizing cloud-based databases and analytic workloads.” Given how big the data center market is and how much demand there is for data science jobs, the company could simply be entering a huge market.
  • Voodoo buys Beach Bum: No, it’s not code or slang. This is an accurate summary of my favorite M & As. According to our own Romain Dillet, French mobile gaming company Voodoo buys Israel-based Beach Bum.[s] In table games and card games. You can see how the latter can provide ideas and IP to the former. As a data point on the size of the casual game market, Voodoo claims 300 million MAU per website.Casual games big..
  • Forta Raises $ 23 Million for Smart Contract Security: As the blockchain economy grows, its security needs grow accordingly. Security needs are also increasing as smart contracts become an increasingly important feature in the cryptocurrency world. Backed by a host of crypto-focused investors you’ve heard, Forta believes it has a solution to the problem.
  • More Capital for B2B Gifts: Behind the scenes of corporate gift startups Sendoso raised $ 100 million last week, Reachdesk has raised $ 43 million for its unique efforts in this area. Corp Gifts combine e-commerce, sales tools, and IRL objects into one neat package.
  • And to conclude us Accel and Tiger collaborate to invest $ 23 million in Mexico’s B2B payment platform Higo.. The company raised a much less $ 3.3 million seed round just six months ago, making the Higo round a smaller deal from Mexico’s expanding startup market, especially Tiger, and how close it is to its previous company. Another note on the investment, something at the very 2021 moment.

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