Facebook faces lawsuit alleging failure to remove anti-Muslim hate speech

Facebook’s hate speech policy has been criticized again.

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Non-profit civil rights organization Islamic supporters filed proceedings Against Facebook, Social media platform executives claim to make false and false statements about Facebook’s removal of malicious language and harmful content. Facebook claims to be a “wastewater pool of hatred,” claiming that Facebook’s failure to remove such content aggravated anti-Islamic hatred and affected online and the real world.

According to the complaint, it was filed Thursday in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Facebook CEO. Mark Zuckerberg “We routinely misrepresent the company’s practice of not routinely implementing standards and policies to free Facebook from hate speech and other harmful content,” said another executive.

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“Anti-Islamic hatred groups and hatred speeches are rampant on Facebook with anti-Islamic posts, advertisements, private groups, and other content,” the complaint alleges. “Armed anti-Islamic protests in the United States were organized on the Facebook event page.”

Facebook executives also falsely testified to Congress and falsely promised civil rights groups to remove content if they noticed content that violated that policy, Muslim supporters said. .. Facebook has failed or refused to remove such content, even when notified by Muslim supporters and others claimed by nonprofits in Thursday’s press release.

Complaints demand that Facebook stop misrepresenting content that violates hate speech policy or “match your actions to your words.”

“Facebook has been used to organize, among other things, the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar, the mass murder of Muslims in India, and the riots and murders targeting Muslims in Sri Lanka,” said Muslim advocates. Claims.Complaints also point out when gunmen livestreamed mosque shootings using social networks. New Zealand, Christchurch, In 2019.

Facebook did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

In January, Islamic supporters challenged the Facebook Oversight Board’s decision. Overturn Facebook deletion of posts By a Myanmar user who posted a photo of a deceased child with the caption “”[there is] Psychologically there is something wrong with the Muslims. “

“It’s clear that the supervisory board is here to clean up Zuckerberg’s responsibilities, [Facebook COO] Sheryl SandbergIn a January statement, Islamic advocate spokesman Eric Nine said, “Instead of taking meaningful action to curb dangerous hate speech on the platform, Facebook uses funny technology. Responsible for a third-party board of directors protecting anti-Islamic hate content, contributing to the genocide. “

Widespread movement in 2020 Targeted hate speech by boycotting Facebook ads Of July. It was Verizon who participated in the campaign. Sony, Playstation, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Unilever, Clorox, Adidas, Ford, Denny’s and other major brands.

Facebook faces lawsuit alleging failure to remove anti-Muslim hate speech Source link Facebook faces lawsuit alleging failure to remove anti-Muslim hate speech

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