Ezlogz Software Review

Founded in 2015 as a small telematics company, Ezlogz now specializes in electronic logging devices (ELD) and serves more than 50000 drivers all over the US. It delivers cutting edge technology answering all driver needs. Basic hardware and software support of your vehicle will cost from $29.99 to $49 monthly, depending on the solutions you need. At the same time you do not have to pay any contract or upfront fee, so it is affordable enough to start with. Ezlogs ELD provider meets all the requirements of FMCSA, GPS tracking, HOS and DVIR compliance, and fuel tax regulations.

This review covers Ezlogz software and hardware offerings to help you decide if ELD is the thing you really need.

So what is Ezlogz EZ-Smart ELD?

It is a BYOD (bring your own device) logging device. This means that you can connect your phone or tablet to the system.  Paired with your device, ELD offers full HOS support.

Services the EZ-Smart ELD provides:

  1. FMCSA compliance. Our hardware is certified and compliant with all FMCSA requirements. Having paired your phone to ELD, you can register your hours, set HOS status, including On-Duty, On-Duty but Not Driving, Off Duty and Sleepr Berth. The devise does not offer settings for your personal conveyance.
  2. HOS compliance. Ezlogz strictly controls working hours and the driver can always see how many hours he has to drive till next break or sleep. This helps to avoid violations and improve compliance. Drivers receive alerts from system when nearing a violation. And the dispatch receives the information about violations the driver made.
  3. Onboard Data. The Ezlogz device offers a built-in SIM card slot. It means that you data can be synchronized to the cloud.
  4. DOT Mode. Ezlogz offers a simple DOT Mode. It shows the officer the logging history of the driver and send this data to FMCSA.
  5. Offline Mode. All logs stored when mobile service is not available, remain such. The data will automatically upload to the cloud when the device connects to mobile data.
  6. GPS Tracking. An onboard GPS tracking function helps you to see fleet location in real-time, and predict arrival time extremely closely.
  7. Plug and Play. Simple set up allows to quickly connect the device to your vehicle to automatically log engine data, including fault codes and odometer.
  8. Dash Cams. Dual direction dashcams allow to record accidents on road, recognize critical incidents, monitor driver’s behavior. The SmartWitness SVC400 and KP1S cameras include GPS, gyroscope and motion sensing. The system sends the dispatch SOS signal if the driver hits a panic button.
  9. Reefer management. Ezlogz takes care of the driver, that’s why temperature and humidity sensors are built-in. It helps to save food fresh. Sensors track the real-time temperature on board and send notifications when conditions drop below the required level.
  10. Passenger Tracking. Useful thing for school busses, busses and other passenger vehicles. This system includes real-time arrival, route mapping, stop tracking, climate controlling.
  11. Vehicle Management. The data uploaded to the cloud allows the dispatch to see real-time driver status, HOS status, fleet location and onboard data.
  12. Load&Logistics App. Its own logistics app where drivers can log on to find loads and transactions right in the app.
  13. Navigation. Due to GPS mapping drivers can get directions and see routes in app.
  14. Additional Fleet Management solutions. Diverse services provided by Ezlogz make your work more comfortable and safe. Our brand’s tools are comprehensive enough for most vehicles.

Before making your choice please call the company to get all the information about services and prices. The pricing can change considerably depending on your personal needs and preferences.

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