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According to the latest economic indicators, the Delta COVID variant is increasing the number of people unemployed and reducing the number of people looking for a job.

With overly optimistic work and economic recovery forecasts, the federal government soon ended its pandemic unemployment allowance. US Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has submitted a bill to revive them. At the state level, if the state could afford it, it could have extended the pandemic unemployment allowance beyond the September 4 cutoff.

California has a huge budget surplus of $ 75.7 billion. We have the highest and slowest unemployment rates in the country. Governor Newsum could have used some of the surplus to extend the unemployment allowance. He did nothing!

The Republican vs. Democratic recall platform has deviated from some real and pressing issues and distracted from the fact that the governor has done nothing to alleviate California’s unemployment problem and the associated financial difficulties. If the Governor does not, the Legislature needs to strengthen and revive California’s pandemic unemployment allowance.

— Sam Courchamp / Vallejo

Extend pandemic unemployment benefits now – Times-Herald Source link Extend pandemic unemployment benefits now – Times-Herald

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