Expert shares tips for navigating a return to work with long COVID

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It is only half the picture when it comes to long COVID, also known as post-COVID. The other half is how long COVID affects a person’s ability to live. Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, director of the Mayo Clinic’s COVID Performance Repair Program, offers tips for navigating back to work during recovery.

“It can be difficult to go back to work after any medical condition, and this is especially true for long-term COVIDs,” said Dr. Vanichkachorn, a physician at the Department of Mayo, Cancer, and Occupational Therapy. Among the measures that could help, Drs. Vanichkachorn said:


It will be difficult for an employer to provide support if they do not know how to help. Communicating with your worker and the medical team will enhance your chances of successfully returning to work. How can you communicate effectively?

1. Ensure that the employer receives regular job recommendations from your doctor’s team. Dr. Vanichkachorn recommends providing updates every two to four weeks.

2. When meeting with your medical team to create performance recommendations, be an active participant. After all, you know your best work.

3. Talk to your worker regularly. “I know it can be difficult to have such discussions. As hard as it can be, keeping them in the dark for weeks can eventually make things worse,” he said. Vanichkachorn.

4. Don’t wait until appointments are made to adjust your work recommendations. If you are feeling better and ready to take on more work, let your medical team know. “The same is true if things get worse,” he said. Vanichkachorn. “Daily contact is the key.”

Functional restructuring

“A lot of my patients are worried about going back to work because they are not sure what to do when they face their daily workload,” he said. Vanichkachorn. “It can take a long time for the patient to feel the urge to go back 100%. That’s why we recommend going back to work slowly.”

For example, if you work eight hours a day, five days a week, then you can start working with four hours, three days a week, with a day off.

Dr. Vanichkachorn recommends checking whether your employer has special services called temporary jobs. These positions are usually lightweight and are designed to assist employees with them health conditions return to work.

Do your homework

Unfortunately, temporary work alternatives are not available to everyone, and some patients with long-term COVID are told not to return to work until they have “returned 100%,” said Drs. Vanichkachorn. “That’s not fair, because I’m not sure anyone will be back at 100% right away. In this case, you could find yourself out of the workplace for a while.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t work at home, he said. Important things that we all do during the day, such as washing, cooking, and running errands, can imitate work.

“I recommend checking daily activities like your job. By doing so, you and your health team will be able to evaluate the types of activities you can perform when you return to work, ”he said.

Focus on work

Patients often want to stay painless and return to where they were before COVID, says Dr. Vanichkachorn.

“While I understand this desire, and one of my calls in medicine is to help with difficulty, this goal can be difficult to achieve. Instead, I recommend patients focus on improving their work, “said Dr. Vanichkachorn. “When you go back to work, you may face new challenges and even unhappiness. But with treatment and new management methods, you can overcome such a barrier and go back to work.”

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Expert shares tips for navigating a return to work with long COVID Source link Expert shares tips for navigating a return to work with long COVID

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