Ex-USD Student Ups Ante, Sues San Diego Unified, Former Lawyers for Defamation

Nick Ratekin, as seen almost from home during a hearing in March 2022.
Nick Ratekin, as seen almost from home during a hearing in March 2022. Photo by Ken Stone

As promised, Trump supporter Nicholas “Nick” Ratekin applied for a job this month. change of place in his own action for breach of contract against the University of San Diego.

Nick Ratekin’s latest lawsuits. (PDF)

Reasons why he wanted his November 2022 trial to be moved to another county include the fact that the registered Democrats outnumbered the Republicans by 274,205 in San Diego County, tilting the jury against him.

But Ratekin, a former USD graduate student living with his grandfather in Washington state, does not stop there.

He says the San Diego Unified School District and his former lawyers want to catch him as well.

On May 31 and June 1, the 27-year-old former CIF water polo coach sued the San Diego Unified and San Diego Employment Law Group for defamation. (The cases were assigned to Judges Katherine Bacal and John S. Meyer, respectively.)

Ratekin demands unspecified monetary compensation from both groups – but clarifies his former lawyers Dustin Pinter and Dennis Brady. He also wants jury trials.

Among other offenses, he claims, a year ago San Diego Unified staff and students began posting defamatory photos, videos and audio clips of him coaching Scripps Ranch water polo teams and teaching students at Johnson Elementary School in Baker. Elementary, at Wangenheim Middle School and Lincoln High. School.

The posts, he says, were on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and more “to discredit plaintiff Nicholas Christian Ratekin of being employed in the education sector in the State of California.”

Ratekin eventually lost his job as a student teacher and was fired from the USD graduate program.

His initial complaint was that his superiors did not like Donald Trump’s public support – through self-adhesive bumpers and the like.

Representing himself, Ratekin faces tougher repulsion from USD lawyers, who want Judge Eddie Sturgeon to declare the happy young man by summons “Annoying party”.

Recent Proposals by University of San Diego Lawyers (PDF)
Recent Proposals by University of San Diego Lawyers (PDF)

This, and the USD proposals to reject the case and the so-called “Termination of sanctions”, will be heard on July 15 in the Supreme Court of the city center

Information document of June 9, signed by a lawyer USD Matthew Mushamel claims that Ratekin’s continuing breaches of court orders, harassment and frivolity… continue unabated despite Intervention of the court “.

The USD is also seeking sanctions, he says, “because the Plaintiff continues to make frivolous proposals, sending countless emails to third parties; in turn, it costs thousands of dollars in fees for his continued opposition to such baseless acts.”

Mushamel says Ratekin’s assurances that he has not issued summonses without first asking the judge “are futile at best and fraudulent at worst.”

But Ron Ratekin, his grandfather in the Brush Prairie, Washington, wrote the court on 14 June: “I want to reiterate that I fully complied with the Court’s ruling and that none of the evidence in question was issued by plaintiff Nicholas Christian Ratekin.”

Mushamel says Nick Ratekin issued at least 37 calls to third parties without the court’s approval.

Later, he wrote, Ratekin “shot over 70 emails in the relentless harassment of many members of the community, all under the guise of discovery. Most recently, he issued a summons to the Office of the Fresno County School Supervisor, without the approval of the Court. “

Additionally: At a hearing on April 21, Ratekin “issued additional calls, emailed previous calls, and faxed hundreds of pages to third parties completely unsolicited.”

The Washington’s Office of Public Education received more than 250 emails, says the USD, “creating a costly, unwarranted burden on this public entity.”

The National University and the USA Water Polo have made similar complaints, the USD’s lawyer said.

On Monday, Ratekin declined to answer some questions from the Times of San Diego.

“At the moment,” he said via email, “I can not comment.”

In an attempt to shut down Ratekin through the “obvious party” label, Mushamel noted that Ratekin had filed 10 small claims cases between 2020 and 2021, “which he lost.”

“There have been other requests for restraining orders against him, at least some of which have been made temporarily (but not permanently),” Musamel said.

Noting the allegations against San Diego Unified and Ratekin’s former lawyer, Mushamel added: “This pattern suggests that even after [the USD] the lawsuit is dismissed, the Plaintiff has no intention of leaving his full-time job and continuing to overwhelm the Court and members of the community with harassment tactics and abuse of the judiciary.

Ex-USD Student Ups Ante, Sues San Diego Unified, Former Lawyers for Defamation Source link Ex-USD Student Ups Ante, Sues San Diego Unified, Former Lawyers for Defamation

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