Ex-Mayor Bob Sampayan blasts Vallejo City Council ‘for rolling over’ – Times-Herald

Former Vallejo mayor Bob Sampayan has blown up those who attacked the city council and Greg Nihofu in Vitrior following Thursday’s 6-1 votes, accepting the resignation of the current mayor and considerable retirement.

“I’m sad and disappointed,” Sampayan said on Friday, believing he had a “positive relationship” with Naihof.

Sampayan remembered when Naihof boarded in January 2018.

“Everyone is happy with his qualifications, his career, and what he learned from the mayor of Oxnard,” Sampayan said from his previous job at Naihof. “We were excited to get him on board.”

Sampayan said it was the “small group” that determined the fate of Naihof.

“A few of these voices have decided to hijack many members of the council to listen to, and they have begun to disseminate the truth about our management and city leadership,” says Sampayan. I did.

Mr. Sampayan said Naihof had a “marching order” to bring about economic development. He worked hard to bring more business to Male Island. “

Much of Naihof’s tenure was “unfortunately during times of social turmoil, the Vallejo Police Officers Association (VPOA) with police shootings, the George Floyd riots, the COVID, and the economy,” said Sampayan. Stated. “Greg did a great job with what he was given and the hands he was dealt with.”

All “after the negative problems started to occur, everything started to snowball,” continued Sampayan. “I think that was the cause of his downfall.”

“We are trying to appease Greg because there are certain members of the council that rely on these few voice statements and that is their foundation,” Sampayan added. I don’t want to be a city manager, “said a few of these voices.

Only Mayor Robert McConnell opposed the resignation and separation agreement. McConnell agreed with the rest of the council that Naihof’s tenure must end a year and a half before its expiration, while opposed compensation of approximately $ 537,000, including salaries and benefits.

“The council (2018) unanimously agreed” was in Naihof’s contract, Sampayan said.

“Greg has done a lot for this community,” said Sampayan, “according to some of his employees, he had a hard time working. It’s a difficult city and positive. Without a difficult boss looking to improve, I wouldn’t go anywhere. “

The resignation saves his face and severance, but “I’m really sad and disappointed that some members of the council have made Greg’s reputation,” Sampayan said. “I’m really struggling to overthrow Congress under the pressure of such a community to ax the CEO of the city.”

Naihof’s assessment of 2019 was “positive from all of us,” Sampayan said at the council.

“Yes, there was room for improvement, but it was a positive evaluation,” said Sanpayan.

Of Nihofu’s contracts, Mr. Sampayan said a similar contract would likely be needed to bring quality city managers to Vallejo.

“To get anyone of any quality, you’ll have to spend far more money than you did with Greg,” said Sampayan. “Unfortunately, one of the errors in this community is that” we are not going to pay him (the future mayor) a high salary. ” It’s like cutting the police budget to 5 percent. It’s not the case when you want to ensure public security, but it happens when you provide the CEO with salaries and benefits. “

“I’m aware that my comments will frustrate people. You’ll probably hear about it on social media, where people are lying or lying by a small group of disgruntled individuals. Some of these are former city officials. “

Sampayan told Naihof “brought police reform. He brought in business and recruited people who were eligible to work in the city. He took many to Male Island and what the council wanted him to do. I did. “

“I told me that some members of the community were worried … I’m afraid there are people who want to make Vallejo Berkeley,” Sampayan said. Some will disagree, while others will ask, “What’s wrong?” Vallejo is neither Berkeley nor Oakland nor Richmond. Vallejo is us. We are our own community. “

“I’m really disappointed and just saddened by Greg and his family. He did a great job for the city,” said Sampayan.

Ex-Mayor Bob Sampayan blasts Vallejo City Council ‘for rolling over’ – Times-Herald Source link Ex-Mayor Bob Sampayan blasts Vallejo City Council ‘for rolling over’ – Times-Herald

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