Everything we learned about Age of Empires IV’s new civilizations, campaigns, and wololos

I haven’t heard much Age of Empires IV Since it was announced in 2017However, we finally got to see games that include Mongolia and the Delhi Sultanate as playable civilizations.Microsoft and developer Relic Entertainment showcased a healthy amount of gameplay footage, as well as new features and civilizations in the series. At the “Fan Preview” event.. The game also has a release window: Fall 2021.

The final main entry in the long-running historical strategy series Released in 2005, And the new game appears to be built on the formulas created by previous entries, adding features made possible by 15 years of technical improvements. This includes obvious things like 4K and HDR, to more strategic game-centric upgrades such as new pathfinding for large numbers of units.

According to the team behind the game, there are eight civilizations in the first release of the game.So far, we know four of them: Mongolian and Delhi Sultanate first appear Empire era, And Chinese and English are back. So far, there has not been much information about the unique abilities and characteristics of each civilization. However, the Delhi Sultanate included a unit of elephants, and it was found that the Mongols had the ability to pack and move buildings and towns (which is actually amazing to see).

Mongolian camp that is convenient to carry.
Image: Microsoft

During the question and answer session, Relic talked a lot about adding asymmetry to civilization. The team wanted to make sure that each of the randomly generated maps was played in a different way, so that they would play according to the strengths and weaknesses of different civilizations. For example, a wide open map can benefit Mongolia in highly mobile units and towns, while a map with many chokepoints can benefit defensive English. Units of a similar class still exist, but developers wanted to be able to switch gameplay styles if players wanted and maintain a particular civilization if they really liked the mechanics.

The creator of the game also talked about the evolution of the campaign. The campaign is Empire era.. They revealed that the game has four campaigns, but shared only the details about one: Norman Conquest. I’m not a history enthusiast enough to know anything about it, but the game seems to be trying to teach me. The team talked extensively about the fact that the campaign includes narrated documentary footage of the actual historical events you play.

If you know the historical background, I think the screenshots of this campaign are really cool.
Image: Microsoft

The game also includes some new mechanics. The studio showed off a very interesting feature called Stealth Force. This allows the player to create an ambush where the enemy is hiding and unable to see the waiting unit. This hopes to provide a real reason to keep the Scout unit, as creators need to make sure that the entire army isn’t hiding along the route, as well as excitement and tension in gameplay. It is a function that is out.

The event also featured wall combat, where units could fight in front of and above the walls, and siege weapons, which allowed the base to be surrounded by units and siege weapons (as the name implies). These two mechanisms should help make the castle’s assault and defense more strategic. In addition, I was able to easily get a glimpse of the range of effect. this is, Empire era And memes are the same.

GIF: Microsoft

Fans of the older entries in the series are also looking forward to it.The developer talked Age of Empires IV Being a spiritual successor to AoE II, While still incorporating some elements III, Add options to aging mechanics, etc.The definitive edition of Empire era II And III I’m also getting updates.

Age of Empires II: The definitive edition Is getting a second expansion pack titled Dawn of Dukes, which focuses on Eastern Europe. Co-ops will also appear in the game at some point this year, allowing you to play specific campaigns and battles with your friends.

Age of Empires III: The definitive edition The update adds the United States as a civilization. The trick is that when you play a challenge, the update is free, but players who don’t want to take the challenge can buy it from Steam or the Microsoft Store.Also the first AoE III: The definitive edition Expansion is currently underway and features African civilization.

As someone who has played for hundreds of hours Age of Empires II, I’m excited about the progress of the tech tree Age of Empires IV.. Of course, I would like to know more details, especially after waiting for a long time after the announcement. What other civilizations can you play? What do your plans for future expansion look like? Do you have a fun cheat code? These questions haven’t been answered so far, but before we know it doesn’t seem to be the perfect age. I’m looking forward to forgetting how to play the game and being quickly crushed by the simple AI that was finally released.

Age of Empires IV It will be available on Windows 10 PCs in the fall of 2021 through Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Everything we learned about Age of Empires IV’s new civilizations, campaigns, and wololos Source link Everything we learned about Age of Empires IV’s new civilizations, campaigns, and wololos

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