Even after All-Star break, Lakers still looking for their comfort zone – San Bernardino Sun

The night Damian Jones debuted the Lakers against the Golden State, Dennis Schroeder quickly formed an easy match with his new teammate. Schroeder, the first pick-and-roll action they performed, lifted it for Jones’ Alley-oop slam.

Almost immediately, Schroeder heard a playful prod from Anthony Davis on the bench.

“He looked at me and was like,’Why can’t you do it with me?'” Schroeder recalled. “That is, we’re still trying to figure it out. When he comes back, I don’t think anyone can really stop it, so ask me to find him more for Rob. I think I’m going to put more pressure on it. ”

This is one of the many agendas for Schroeder and the Lakers (25-13) to maintain their backburners while losing many teammates. At the time of Saturday evening practice, the list wasn’t shortened anymore.

Davis is out with tension in his right calf that still remains near his Achilles tendonAnd Frank Vogel said the Lakers are still trying to see if a 6-foot-10 forward hits the court after being mostly limited to waitroom training for the past four weeks. Vogel said neither he nor Costas Adetokumpo will be in the upcoming series of matches between Golden State and Minnesota, so Marc Gasol’s absence under the COVID-19 protocol will total a total of two weeks. Alex Caruso hasn’t been confirmed to be available yet after hitting his head in court, and Vogel said doctors are assessing him for the possibility of concussion.

For new entrants, this doesn’t help them blend in with the team the way they want. Schroeder usually now says that he will feel more comfortable by revealing the details rather than building a relationship with his teammates from scratch.

This season, with very limited practice (the Lakers haven’t practiced much this year) and recent teammates coming and going, I feel the process is a bit late. Schröder himself missed four games, but all were defeated.

“Chemistry is there, but in court I’m still trying to understand how people want the ball, or how the situation (how it should be played) is. “I will.” “I think everyone else is trying to understand it.”

It’s a matter around the league. The Lakers are lucky to have fewer COVID-related absenteeism than many teams, and the starting lineup played together for 280 minutes, the seventh highest of the NBA’s five-man combination.

However, before the All-Star Break last season, 15 different teams, including the Lakers (309), were playing the lineup for at least 280 minutes. There was more games, more practice, and more time to group on the same page.

Even after All-Star break, Lakers still looking for their comfort zone – San Bernardino Sun Source link Even after All-Star break, Lakers still looking for their comfort zone – San Bernardino Sun

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