Europeans face travel woes as Covid reaches Olympic Village

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Europeans faced travel dissatisfaction on Saturday and Saturday as Britain and France reviewed the COVID-19 border restrictions and combated a surge in infectious diseases that threatened plans to bring life back to normal.

The challenge of schematizing the return to the pre-pandemic lifestyle was highlighted by the first case of COVID-19 at the Tokyo Olympic Village less than a week after the event began.

Organizers describe the event as “the most restrictive sporting event in the world,” but many are concerned about the health risks associated with accepting thousands of athletes and executives.

The UK is also facing opposition to the decision to exempt France from the new loose immigration policy. Unlike other “amber” countries, vaccinated returnee UK residents still need to be quarantined for 10 days.

“I understand because I’m a doctor Health problems It’s working very well, but it doesn’t make sense, “said Maud Lemoin, a London-based doctor visiting France.

Also, unvaccinated visitors from the UK and some other European countries must undergo a negative COVID test within 24 hours of departure instead of 48 or 72 hours as before. After the announcement, France inflated anger to deal with.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered across France on Saturday to protest the government’s response to the pandemic and continued restrictions on daily life.

At the March in Montpellier, care assistant Rita, 39, said, “I don’t think the planet is flat, but I don’t know the long-term consequences of these vaccines coming together in a hurry. “.

In other parts of Europe, Greek authorities have imposed curfew on the party islands of Mykonos, and Spanish authorities have imposed curfew on Barcelona and other cities in northeastern Catalonia as well.

Spanish “milestone”

The European government is facing a difficult battle, and EU disease prevention agencies have warned that by August 1, infections could increase five-fold across the block.

This happens even when leaders are welcoming the deployment of vaccines.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said his country had reached the “milestone” of 50 million vaccinations and promised that half of the population would be fully vaccinated by next week.

Most in the UK Adult population Currently, there are two jabs and the government is preparing to relax most restrictions on citizens.

List of “amber” The quarantine of vaccinated British returning from the country is scheduled to end on Monday, but the government is last-minute due to the first beta “permanent existence” identified in South Africa. Decided to maintain the status quo in France.

This rule applies only to England so far, but the delegated governments of Scotland and Wales have shown that they are likely to follow suit.

Britain’s new loose administration is in the rules to be withdrawn as Britain records more than 50,000 cases a day on Friday and the government said the percentage could double in the coming weeks. You need to wear a mask.

However, officials said high vaccination rates should prevent death and a surge in serious illness.

Hajj’s joy

Among the positive tests was Health Minister Sajid Javid, who announced on Saturday that he had been ill and had been quarantined.

“I’m grateful to have been vaccinated twice. So far, my symptoms have been very mild,” Javid said on Twitter.

More than two-thirds of adults in the UK are fully vaccinated, but critics say the government is making reckless bets due to the proliferation of incidents.

“This is a threat not only to England, but to the whole world, especially low countries and the whole world. Middle income country Access to the vaccine is very limited. ” A group of international scientists said in a joint statement on Friday.

Saudi Arabia has also allowed crowds to gather for the second small Mecca pilgrimage since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Kingdom aims to repeat last year’s success with no virus outbreaks in the five-day ritual, so it is the number of pre-pandemic numbers that allow fully vaccinated residents to participate. It’s just a part.

This year’s choice was Ameen, a 58-year-old Indian oil contractor, chosen for a ceremony with his wife and three adult children.

“We are overjoyed,” Ameen said. “Many of our friends and relatives have been rejected.”

Fully vaccinated Canadians will be exempt from quarantine in July

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