Europe to see ‘high levels’ of COVID this summer: WHO

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The World Health Organization said on Thursday that it expects “the largest” COVID-19 in Europe this summer and called on countries to monitor the spread as cases tripled in the past month. .

“As countries all over Europe they have raised social standards in the past, the virus will spread in large numbers on rani“, WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge told AFP.

“This virus is not going to go away just because countries have stopped looking for it. It is still spreading, it is constantly changing, and it is taking lives.”

With the simplest but most widespread Omicron subvariant BA.5 spreading across the continent, the 53 European countries of the WHO are currently registering less than 500,000 per day, according to the organization.

That rose from nearly 150,000 cases daily by the end of May.

Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg and Portugal are the countries with the highest number of cases, with almost all countries in the region having the highest number of cases.

After registering nearly 4,000 to 5,000 deaths per day throughout the winter, Europe currently sees nearly 500 deaths per day, in line with the 2020 summer level.

“We hope that the strong prevention programs implemented by many of the member states in the past will show that we will avoid the negative consequences we have seen in the past,” Kluge said.

“However, our recommendations are limited,” he said.

WHO appeals to people suffering from the disease respiratory symptoms to isolate, to keep up-to-date with their vaccinations and to put masks in crowded places.

Kluge also urged member states to continue testing the virus.

“We have to keep looking for the virus because failure to do so makes us blind to the transmission system again virus evolution, ”said Kluge.

He also called on countries to increase immunization coverage.

“High immunizations and choices made to reduce the risk of coming great people is the key to preventing further deaths this summer, ”he said.

Many European countries have raised COVID levels and ‘really’: WHO

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Europe to see ‘high levels’ of COVID this summer: WHO Source link Europe to see ‘high levels’ of COVID this summer: WHO

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