EU eyes smallpox vaccine for monkeypox: regulator

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The European Medicines Agency is in talks with an anti-meningitis anti-malarial agent to extend its use of meningitis, a senior official said on Thursday.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said it was working with the manufacturer of the Imvanex jab “for precaution” to ensure it had supplies when needed.

“Despite an unprecedented outbreak in Europe, this is not the case at the moment public health emergency“EMA President Marco Cavaleri said.

Meningitis is related to meningitis, which kills millions of people worldwide every year before it was eradicated in 1980, but it is relatively rare. acute symptoms.

WHO says more than 550 meningitis Outbreaks have been reported in 30 countries outside West Africa where the disease has been endemic since early May.

Imvanex, manufactured by Danish Bavarian Nordic, was approved by the EMA in 2013 for meningitis, but the manufacturer did not seek its use during meningitis.

“The EMA emergency team is in talks with (the maker) to prepare for the launch of data that could support the expansion of the display” for meningitis, Cavaleri said.

Animal data indicate that Imvanex has a “positive effect” on meningitis, he said.

The prevention Proximity to people infected with monkey pox is likely to be extended to prevent its spread.

The EMA hopes the company can apply “as soon as possible”, Cavaleri said, without giving further notice.

The group is also preparing to discuss how to strengthen the industry, given that meningitis has been in short supply since its eradication more than 40 years ago, he said.

The European Commission told the AFP news agency last week that it was already working to coordinate the purchase of vaccines and anti-meningitis.

The United States says it has about 1,000 doses of Imvanex, commonly known as JYNNEOS and is already licensed for meningitis.

The EU is working together to buy meningitis prevention

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EU eyes smallpox vaccine for monkeypox: regulator Source link EU eyes smallpox vaccine for monkeypox: regulator

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