EU countries prolong COVID-19 certificates amid rising cases

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The European Union agreed on Tuesday to extend the use of COVID-19 certificates by one year until the end of June 2023 as the virus begins to increase before the summer holidays.

Aiming to facilitate travel between 27 countries during the disaster, the brochures were launched in July last year and have been a successful tool to help EU citizens migrate to the region during coronavirus-free times. prohibition is not like exclusion. EU countries have issued almost two billion certificates.

The document confirms that a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus or received incorrect test results or has recovered from the disease. infection.

The European Parliament said the law could be postponed from the beginning. But after many EU countries lifted coronavirus bans in recent months in connection with improved health conditions, the rise of diseases causing new differences is causing governments to reconsider their strategies.

In France, for example, Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon recommended this week that people re-wear masks in crowded places and public transportation.

The EU has simplified COVID-19 travel rules in the union for comprehensive prevention

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EU countries prolong COVID-19 certificates amid rising cases Source link EU countries prolong COVID-19 certificates amid rising cases

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