Ethnic pride may help protect Latino college students from problem drinking

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The negative effects of alcohol abuse are well documented, but little is known about how to intervene to prevent the drinking problem of Latino college students, the largest ethnic minority group on campus in the United States.

A new study led by Katja Waldron, a graduate candidate in biobehavioral health in Penn State, it is suggested that promoting cultural values ​​for Latino students during their first and second years of college may be effective in preventing alcohol problems during college and later in life.

The study examined whether ethnic origin and familismo have influenced the number of Latino students drinking and the potential for improvement alcohol problems in his fourth year at university.

Ethnic origin means belonging to this ethnic group and familismo is the value of the Latino culture of the family as a source of support and social identity, Waldron explains.

“Previous studies have shown that Latino origins and familismo may be protective against health risks and risk factors for alcoholism, but questions remain about how the two relate to the impact of college alcohol use,” he said. from Waldron.

The research team examined 245 Latino students about their cultural backgrounds, drinking habits and alcohol-related experiences from two white centers in the northeast and northwest of the United States and a Hispanic worship center in the southwest. United States. four years of university. Possible causes include five categories – blackness, sexual consequences, social problems, neglect and lack of education.

The study found that ethnic pride – of which a person is proud of their ethnic background – is related to alcohol and alcohol-related factors. On the contrary, ethnic stigma – how one might feel ashamed or ashamed of one’s ethnic background – has to do with the potential for alcohol abuse.

Familismo during its first year of college did not directly predict alcohol consumption and outcome in the fourth year. However, familismo is indirectly associated with drinking and ethnicity. Familismo predicted ethnic bigotry, while the lack of familismo predicted further ethnic shame. The results are published in Ethnic newspaper in Abu Dhabi.

When studying the Latino drinking system student group, Waldron found a “cross effect” indicating that Latino students drank less and had less alcohol-related activities in the first two years of college – which was followed by an increase in the amount of alcohol consumed and the negative consequences that began in the third year. and increases until the fourth year.

According to the researchers, research regularly shows that parents can play a positive role in the behavior of their children. drink-by modeling, monitoring, communication, and governance, said Robert Turrisi, a professor of public health at Penn State and a senior researcher on research.

The research team recommended conducting a focus group interview with Latino parents and college students.

“In order to incorporate the relevant racial and familial elements into the intervention program, researchers must first talk to Latino parents and students directly to understand how the research approach fits them,” Waldron said. “My hope is to support the development of intervention programs that help Latino college students using a personal approach. “

Waldron and Turrisi collaborated on this study with Eduardo Romano, a leading researcher and expert on the relationship between Latino culture and alcohol use at the Pacific Research and Research Center; and Erin Wolfe and Alexa Plisiewicz, who were graduate researchers at Penn State at the time of this study.

The study means (re) defining the status of Latino and male

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Katja A. Waldron et al, Long-term impact of familismo and ethnic origins on latinx college student drinking and high risk, Ethnic newspaper in Abu Dhabi (2022). DOI: 10.1080 / 15332640.2022.2082618

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