Escondido artists paint sunflowers to raise money for Ukraine war refugees

In recent weeks, the sunflower has become much more than a national flower for Ukraine. It has come to represent the peace, hope and stability of the Ukrainian people since Russia invaded their country on February 24th.

In Escondido, the sunflower has become a gathering point for artists members of the 66-year-old Escondido Arts Association. Eighteen artists in the association created sunflower paintings that are now hung in an exhibition at the Escondido Public Gallery.

“Sunflowers for Ukraine”, which opened on Saturday and lasts until April 30, is a fundraiser for the people of Ukraine. The artists have donated their work and all proceeds from the sale of these 18 paintings will go to Central World Cuisinethe international hunger relief organization that is now offering 300,000 hot meals a day to refugees in neighboring countries and to residents of newly liberated cities in Ukraine.

Association member Byron Marler, who painted one of the sunflower canvases and is coordinating the exhibition, said he hopes to raise $ 2,000 from the paintings sales. Marler said he knows there is not much money, but the exhibition also aims to raise awareness of the dire situation in Ukraine. The pamphlet he has created for the show will provide information on many more ways people can help.

Artist Dan Kilgore holds the painting he created for the Escondido Arts Association’s fundraising exhibition “Sunflowers for the Ukraine”.

(Charlie Neuman / For The San Diego Union-Tribune)

“It’s heartbreaking when you look at the news and see the devastation,” Marler said. “We want to be able to do more than what we are doing, but it is something. The participating artists feel good about it. In fact, one of them said she would be proud that her painting was exhibited and sold to support the cause. ”

Founded in 1956, the Escondido Art Association now has around 130 member artists, of whom about 40 are actively producing and exhibiting their work. Each year the association hosts 12 monthly performances at the 24-year-old Artists Gallery on Grand Avenue. The association also hosts monthly performances at the Escondido Public Library and six performances a year at Cute Cakes Bakery in Escondido.

Marler is the association’s rotation coordinator, overseeing the group’s exhibitions outside his Grand Avenue gallery. He said the idea for “Sunflowers for Ukraine” was proposed by member Cathy Haven at an art forum in March. She had the idea for the artists to donate their work to the exhibition, which Marler said is the first charity-focused show in which he has participated since joining the association a few years ago.

Artist Suzanne Nicolaisen holds a painting she created the exhibition "Sunflower for Ukraine."

Artist Suzanne Nicolaisen holds “Standing Tall”, an acrylic painting she created for the Escondido Art Association’s fundraising exhibition “Sunflowers for the Ukraine”.

(Charlie Neuman / For The San Diego Union-Tribune)

“This wall with sunflower paintings represents a collective effort by members of the Escondido Art Association to express our deep sadness for what is currently happening in Ukraine,” Haven told the exhibition. “We hope that the beauty found here will inspire and encourage the viewer to reach out and support the people of Ukraine.”

In addition to Haven and Marler, participating artists include Jinx Lennon, Alison Driessen, Dan Kilgore, Kathy Aldrich, Elaine Griveas, Janice Niles, Brenda Townsend, Delores Christensen, Chickey Woldin, Suzanne Nicolaisen, Katie Cowan, Carol Hunter Patent, and Diana Prout.

Marler said the library exhibition wall may not hold all the paintings at once, so some are being held in reserve at the Artists Gallery and will be brought in to replace the paintings sold during the month. Prices for individual paintings are available at the library.

Exhibition hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Friday and Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 30, at 239 S. Kalmia St. , Escondido. For details, visit escondidoartassociation.com/fdrsr-ukraine.

Escondido Art Association members Byron Marler, left, and Cathy Haven with paintings by "Sunflower for Ukraine."

Escondido Art Association members Byron Marler, left and Cathy Haven with some of the paintings in the “Sunflowers for the Ukraine” exhibition. The fundraising show was the idea of ​​Haven and Marler coordinating the exhibition.

(Charlie Neuman / For The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Escondido artists paint sunflowers to raise money for Ukraine war refugees Source link Escondido artists paint sunflowers to raise money for Ukraine war refugees

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