Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed at ALL, Attorney Claims

As her scandal continues, Erika Jayne claimed she was broken And her life was ruined.

In many respects it is true. She used to be a beloved housewife, but now many viewers turn her on.

However, prominent lawyers involved in the case believe that, in many respects, Erica has not fallen as much as she suggests.

As far as he is concerned, Erica has made many PR failures and her lifestyle is exactly the same as before.

Jay Edelson Reality life with Casey This week’s podcast.

“I mean there are reports that she earns as much as $ 600,000. [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] “Season,” said Jay.

Yes, Erika Jayne’s Bravo salary is not so poor, To say the least.

“And she has her fascinating team, and as you know, we all have to cry with her,” Jay ridiculed.

“The idea that you’re plunging at $ 10,000 a month is really unpleasant,” the lawyer commented.

“She has a lot of fans, but I don’t think many of them spend $ 10,000 a month to live,” Jay observed.

Jay Edelson continued: “I don’t think many of them have attractive teams.”

“All this [she said of],’Oh, I have these homes I’ve never heard of. Let me google where they are, “continued Jay.

The lawyer said:

“Her personality, this is what she depicts.’I have a lot of money and don’t give F,'” Jay characterized.

“That’s perfectly fine. That’s great. It’s going to be a great reality TV,” continued the lawyer.

Jay said: “But the moment you steal money from a widow or an orphan stops.”

Jay Edelson suggested that the legal scandal should be a game changer for Erica and how she presents herself.

First of all, she should have “changed the tack” when it comes to her public image.

And specifically, she was able to take very public and very positive actions regarding the victims.

“Maybe you want to do something to really ensure that those people are perfect,” Jay suggested.

“She was able to do that,” he continued.

“She was able to raise money immediately, and was able to pay off $ 2 million in the rulings owed to these people.”

In addition, he said the proceedings against her and Tom were greatly helped … but this season of the show.

“This season for The Real Housewives is as painful as we’ve ever seen, because we’re looking through the eyes of the victims,” ​​Jay said.

“It gave us a lot of evidence,” he added.

But that doesn’t mean exactly the same as testimony.

“On TV, you can say whatever you want,” Jay admitted.

He added, “Under the oath, you must tell the truth.”

It’s true that Erica’s on-screen behavior hasn’t helped her.

At least it wouldn’t have helped her case.

Many suggested that the responsible lawyer would tell her not to discuss the case.

However, you will need to pay a lawyer. And without her property, Erica certainly needs a show to pay those invoices.

Everyone is looking at her on the screen, and her source of income may also involve her in more problems.

At the same time … it was a year-round valued gold mine. Bravo may be the only winner of this story.

Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed at ALL, Attorney Claims Source link Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed at ALL, Attorney Claims

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