Erika Jayne: Pity Me! My Husband Has Been Cheating for Years!

Erika Jayne doesn’t want to talk about her husband being said to be fooling legitimate clients from millions of dollars.

She says she knows nothing about the possible crime.

But Bravo’s polarized personality wants to talk a lot about her husband, who is allegedly having an affair. She Throughout their marriage, the topic that became the central setting in the latest episode of Beverly Hills Real House Wives.

Wednesday’s popular series, Kyle Richards, invited the cast to stay with her at her villa in La Quinta, California.

Prior to Erica’s arrival, the rest of the women, with the exception of Garcel Bobay, discussed Tom’s appearance earlier in the day regarding the resolution of the Lion’s aerial flight.

“The government has frozen all his assets,” said Dorit Kemsley. “It was determined that at least $ 2 million was improperly used.”

For those who have just caught up, Girardi has been accused of spending money that helped victims of the 2018 plane crash receive through legal proceedings.

Sad Jane

As some critics, Jane has been accused of helping him with this plan. I believe her divorce is fake..

These people say she only did it as a way to hide the assets she and Tom bought with these illegally acquired funds.

When Erica finally arrived at the episode, her colleague welcomed her with a hug.

“We’re here for you. It’s not okay and won’t be okay for a long time,” Kyle said when Erica replied.

“His lawyer said he felt bad mentally. This is what I said and no one would listen to me,” Erica added to Tom.

“I tried, and I tried. Maybe in the end he can get the help he needs.”

Through a confession, Jane then questioned how she was portrayed and / or analyzed on the air.

“I was a trophy wife, playfully digging gold. Now, suddenly, I’m a financial mastermind who had her finger on every pulsation.”

After telling the co-star that he wasn’t going to get spouse support from his divorced husband, Jane finally dug into Tom’s unfaithfulness.

“Tom’s only identity is to be a great lawyer. That’s all he wanted in life, and he prioritized it above all else,” she said.

“I think he was holding it even tighter when he noticed that he was declining in the last few years.

“I think he was afraid. I think he was angry because he was as mean as f–k.”

Recalling the car accident Tom endured a few years ago, Erica then said she began to see signs of his decline in health.

And she wasn’t just talking about the fracture he suffered after driving off a cliff.

Erica explained that when Tom finally called her after the accident, she immediately wondered about his whereabouts and thought, “He was with another woman.”

When asked about a woman who believed Erica was with her, Jane wasn’t sure, but said it could have been “one of them.”

“Obviously that means he was fooling you,” Kyle said, and Erica replied:

“You guys don’t know what I’ve experienced or what I’ve experienced. This is my life.”

Kyle said, “So are you with an 81-year-old man and he’s fooling you?”

“Yes, isn’t it some s––t?” The singer replied.

Erica continued to confess, admitting that she had passed Tom’s phone.

“I found the evidence. It was a text message, it was a photo. It felt like it lasted for years. Well, I know it was.”

According to Jane, Tom was “sloppy” about hiding his extramarital relationship.

She added that she never denied the accusations that Girardi was sleeping soundly.

When asked why she didn’t leave when she knew it, Erica shrugged and said:

“Where am I going? He said straight to me,’This is my house.’ Where are you heading?”

An insider close to Bravo Star told E! News that Erica filed for divorce from Tom for unfaithfulness in December 2020. During the 21-year marriage, he claimed that there were “multiple women” between the lawyer and his wife.

Erica officially quoted the “irreconcilable difference” as the cause of the spectacular division.

Of course, some may applaud, two things can be true at the same time.

Tom may be a scammer.

And Erica can also be a criminal..

Based on her recent actions and her recent rants, it’s clear Jane is very afraid She will soon be published as the latter.

Erika Jayne: Pity Me! My Husband Has Been Cheating for Years! Source link Erika Jayne: Pity Me! My Husband Has Been Cheating for Years!

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