Equitable Access to Abortion Services is Not a Guarantee in San Jose, Despite ‘Haven’ of Options

The unexpected appearance of the two lines on a pregnancy test is a dramatically different experience for people living in the South Bay than for residents of the Red States. In particular, as we approach the end of 2021, we live in the southeastern corner of the country.

In October, Texas passed a bill allowing lawsuits against persons involved in abortions that occur six weeks after pregnancy. This is often referred to as the “heartbeat” method because it is when the electrical activity of the heart cells can be detected.

Nine judges of the US Supreme Court argued that the right to abortion should be decided by the state because the U.S. Constitution does not mention this issue, and made oral arguments from Mississippi lawyers. I’m listening.

If the majority of the benches agree, Mississippi and 12 other states are poised to ban abortions within 15 weeks of gestation. Analysts say this will overturn or undermine the Roe v. Wade and planned parent-child relationships vs. Casey cases. The foetation can survive outside the womb.

Silicon Valley is considered a paradise for abortion services by medical and legal professionals, but there are still gaps in online and billboards across South Bay.

Google’s “abortion service” can lead people to a crisis pregnancy center. Crisis pregnancy centers are usually anti-abortion organizations known to use advertising to continue a declared pregnancy without having a medically trained or licensed professional.UnethicalAccording to the American Medical Association Ethics Journal.

In South Bay, RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics, GHS Women’s Center, Birthright San Jose, Informed Choices, St. There are several pregnancy centers scattered near or next to the abortion provider, such as the JuanDiego Women’s Center and Support Circle. Pregnancy clinic.

In 2016, the Pleasanton Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center encouraged delays in abortion by emphasizing that nearly a quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriage. San Jose birth rights Volunteers told reporters in 2018: [about abortions] But to talk a little with them and understand the situation. Bathlight International Previously reported The activity is guided by the idea that “all pregnant women have the right to give birth … and all children have the right to be born,” even though the organization claims to have a “non-evangelistic” philosophy. That you are.

Dr. Sophia Yen is a clinical associate professor of pediatrics at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University and CEO of an online contraceptive delivery company. Pandia HealthShe says, seeing Silicon Valley as a paradise for access to abortion services, unqualified people wearing lab coats at the Crisis Pregnancy Center are a major concern.

“If you want to offer free diapers and all kinds of resources, I’m in favor of these crisis pregnancy centers,” says Yen. “But they don’t give you all the choices and the fair choices, and I feel that it’s the key to medicine. We have made a vow to” do no harm “and informed consent. I believe in. “

Yen checks all the clichés in the book (the tip of the iceberg, the can of bugs, the box of Pandora) for concerns about weakening protection against abortion, as abortion is more dangerous than abortion in early pregnancy. Say there is. -Economic group. As a doctor, she says listening to people ignores the health risks of illegal abortion, which sounds like a medical version of the Holocaust denial.

“Previously there was a ward for women with pus from their uterus. All we could do was hold hands and pray. I don’t want to go back,” says Yen. “As a doctor, I don’t want to see more people die than I need to. If I make an abortion illegal or make it difficult to access, I think two people, a mother and a foetation, will die. It’s purely a number. . “

Yen tells the story of a young woman who still has problems with her own hands, such as going down stairs, trying to put bleach in her uterus, and asking her partner to hit her in the bay area where abortion is readily available. Say you heard their stomach in a baseball bat.

One way to avoid such a catastrophe is to have an abortion drug readily available.Yen points PlanCPills.org, A non-profit organization that provides information on how to access abortion drugs by mail, such as misoprostol. Pandia Health does not offer abortion medications, but considers prescription delivery as an important tool to combat the negative effects of abortion bans. Pandia Health currently offers medicines in all 50 states and can write prescriptions in 13 states.

However, 19 states and Washington DC Telemedicine abortion access.. In California Hey Jane When Choix We provide care and mail prescriptions for people up to the age of 16.

“We always need abortion, but with comprehensive sex education, free contraception, condoms, IUD implants, all at all times, that number could be much lower,” says Yen. .. “But for pregnant people who don’t want to get pregnant, it’s difficult if you were born simply in the wrong state.”

Michelle Overman, Professor of law Santa Clara University has been studying the effects of forced pregnancies in El Salvador, Chile and Nicaragua for decades. And while seeing this coming from an intellectual point of view, Overman is denied the right of pregnant people to decide their future and make their own medical decisions. He says he is still emotionally surprised, shocked and surprised.

“This is an unenforceable law and cannot be enforced in countries like Salvador who are fully committed to enforcing it,” says Overman. “This is a moment I didn’t expect to see. I’m afraid I have to see it, and everything I learned and everything I did and everything I worked through my life I’m actually working now. There is an urgent need to respond to this moment. “

Beyond the legal experts involved in the proceedings, whether it’s about the efficacy and instructions of drugs like Plan C, it’s about providing a chat room where teens can get information about contraceptive and reproductive health issues. That raises questions about protecting access to accurate information online, Oberman says.

“The front line of war isn’t just Google search, so it’s very complicated,” she said. Digital Defense FundProtects the technology behind abortion services. “People get information from places such as their friends’ Instagram feeds.”

Oberman says that some conservative states are likely to continue to reduce access to abortion, so more liberal states are likely to expand their rights.Newsom statement In September, he confirmed California’s efforts to expand reproductive options for pregnant people.The future of California in the Abortion Council.. That’s one reason for the research from Abortion-rights. Guttmacher Institute Estimate 1.4 million people may travel to California for abortion services. This is an increase of 3000%.

However, even with the abundance of abortion services in South Bay, financial and social factors still present significant hurdles.

Abortion services may be available free of charge through Medi-Cal, but the cost of early pregnancy procedures averages about $ 500 and is usually not covered by insurance. These costs will increase to hundreds of dollars in the second semester and can reach up to $ 2,500.

According to Oberman, half of all abortions in the United States occur in people below the poverty line (equivalent to 13% of the population), and 75% of abortions relate to people within 200% of the poverty line.

That’s why Overman has a stronger impact on local pro-choice advocates through efforts to deprive locals of the right to abortion, even in California, where the most extreme impacts are concentrated due to economic conditions and cultural traditions. Encourage them to recognize that there is a receiving community outside of California.

“The elephant in the room we’re not talking about is how much it costs to raise a child in a country that isn’t really interested in having children,” says Overman. “We have to start a very different conversation about access to abortion and what it means in the 21st century, and we have to put poverty and class at the center of every conversation about abortion. It will not be.

Equitable Access to Abortion Services is Not a Guarantee in San Jose, Despite ‘Haven’ of Options Source link Equitable Access to Abortion Services is Not a Guarantee in San Jose, Despite ‘Haven’ of Options

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