EPA to limit emissions from air conditioning, refrigeration

The Biden administration announced Thursday that the Environmental Protection Agency will adopt new regulations that will lead to the regulation of cooling chemicals used in refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce the effects of climate change.

according to Washington post When CNBC, This rule is the first new climate regulation enacted since Biden took office in January.

On Thursday, the EPA will adopt a new policy to phase out emissions from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). By 2036, the United States aims to reduce chemical production and imports by 85%.

NS White House Such reductions in HFC will result in “more than 4.5 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050,” he said. This is equivalent to the pollutants produced by the entire US power sector in three years.

“Climate and work wins, and America’s competitiveness,” said White House national climate coordinator Gina McCarthy in a briefing with reporters Wednesday night, according to the post. “That really-frankly, people-is a huge problem.”

Grocery stores that require large amounts of chemicals to keep industrial freezers and refrigerators cold are often the largest pollutants in HFC. Some chains, such as Aldi and Whole Foods, have already taken steps to use alternative refrigerants in recent years.

According to CNBC, some manufacturers have already moved to the use of more environmentally friendly coolants in recent years. The Washington Post reports that air conditioning, heating and freezing laboratories support the new rules.

EPA to limit emissions from air conditioning, refrigeration Source link EPA to limit emissions from air conditioning, refrigeration

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