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The· “Return to Freedom Rally for Change” Outside of Temecula City Hall on Saturday night, there was neither a protest nor a protest. It was mostly middle-aged and older people, sitting in camp chairs in the square and listening to the speakers to the right. This was also a middle-aged person.

In other words, it was a mellow case if it wasn’t masked.News lottery Jessica Alexander, Temecula City Councilor, Antimasker, COVID Denier Who were the organizers and speakers?

Elected in November, she I had a storm last month By saying it By refusing to wear the mask, she equated it with Rosa Parks, “I feel like I’m being pushed behind the bus.”

Eyes roll, including Midnight host Stephen Colbert.. Critics said her comparison was unpleasant and set a bad example. However, supporters agreed that wearing extra clothing to save lives, including their own, was equivalent to oppression.

Hell doesn’t have the inconvenient white anger, Amirite? Despite 100 comments — 100! — At last week’s council meeting, and a request for apology from other councilors, Alexander, showing her characteristic bold leadership Acted as if no one said anything..

I wanted her to provide some clarity at the Saturday event in front of a supportive crowd of over 250 people, but it wasn’t. She was the first speaker and shared the stage with moderator Brett Milleskey.

“Our freedom is deprived of us every day,” Alexander urged people to maintain their freedom by serving their communities. “I love it,” she said of being a councilor.

“OK, what I know about her, and if you know her, what you know about her is that she represents people,” Milesky said. .. “She listens, listens, and listens.”

She doesn’t respond, but listens.

Alexander recalled at the pre-election rally: And that’s what I’ve done. “

Tell it to the 100 people she ignored.

“I’m tired of being deprived of my freedom, so I want to get a T-shirt that says’sufficient’. I’m tired of not seeing a beautiful face like I do now,” said Alexander. I told the public.

“I want to leave here. Everyone can breathe freely and have a beautiful rest of their lives,” she concludes.

I also wanted to leave, but after a long drive, four minutes of remarks wasn’t enough. So I stayed.

Why was i there? The newspaper wanted someone to attend, and even during the pandemic, I was the only one who had no plans on Saturday night. Apparently, the benefits of this year as a social leveler are over, but I’m out of luck.

Many people made beelines in the old town of Temecula, why? It’s naturally popular. Thanks to the width of the narrow streets, the main resistance is to move pedestrians rather than cars, giving the old town a sense of place. There was not enough parking space, so I secured a space on the top floor of the multi-storey car park at the city hall and walked around.

Wine tourists were getting off the shuttle bus. The sidewalk was crowded with pedestrians, diners and food servers. Everyone was planning on Saturday night, but I’m not bitter. Restaurants and bars seemed to be booming.

Most companies adhered to masking rules. Many people on the street also wore masks.

I had a light dinner and walked to an event that took place in the notched paved square created by the layout of the city hall that surrounds the square on three sides.

As the only person wearing a mask, our photographer and I must have stood out. My mask is properly, “Dusk” logo. The risk may have been minor, but perhaps 12% of Riverside County said they would not be vaccinated, with 250 people in one place.

It was a windy and chilly night. A man dressed in a Trump 2020 blanket. Another wore a T-shirt with the slogan “Not today, Satan.” I think Satan is waiting for the day of laundry.

One hour after the event, Alexander left his seat and walked across the square with his friends towards the woman’s room. I headed in that direction hoping to intercept her on her way home.

The interview seemed suspicious, but I prepared a question. What did she think of the criticism she touched, why she didn’t respond, how was she ridiculed by the late-night comedy host, she wants to reaffirm Rosa Parks’ comments. Or do you want to paraphrase it? I took down my mask and picked up my notebook.

On the way back, her friend buffered her and talked all the time, Alexander saw to give me a quiet greeting without stopping.

It can not be helped. Given that she has never spoken to anyone in this newspaper, the “hello” she quoted me counts as progress. No one can rob me of it.

Regarding the event itself, I heard from a lawyer that it was “gene therapy, not vaccine.” A black man, a former Navy chief who said, “I don’t really see what’s happening today as racism.”

A co-founder of an anti-abortion group named Every Black Life Matters called abortion a “genocide against blacks” and said “Black Lives Matter is against God’s idea of ​​the free market.”

‘Enough is enough,’ anti-masking councilwoman tells Temecula crowd – San Bernardino Sun Source link ‘Enough is enough,’ anti-masking councilwoman tells Temecula crowd – San Bernardino Sun

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