Emma Hernan: Yes, I’m Smashing Christine Quinn’s Ex, Okay?!?

Emma Hernan is single.

But the Selling Sunset star finally admitted at a recent Season 5 meeting that he’s a little involved.

Without clothes.

With a certain person who knows Emma’s actress Christine Quinn in a very intimate way.

How juicy, right?!?

Almost immediately after Hernan joined the Oppenheim Group in season 4 of this Netflix series, it became clear that there were tensions between him and Quinn.

It didn’t take long for smart observers and Internet designers to unite the basis of this dispute: Both women had been dating the same man, although both relationships also seemed to be a thing of the past.

But then the actors met again on television to end season 5, during which Hernan spoke the rumors of Ben Affleckas well as a conversation that he liked the newcomer Micah.

“I’m single. I enjoy life,” Erica told the host, Tan France, adding:

“Whether it’s a new person I’m dating, whether it’s Micah, it’s my ex … I’m single, I don’t have to answer anyone.

“I live the best of my life, I might spend time with my ex. It can be fun.”

Your e.g, huh, Erica? Please. Tell us more …

“Are you still fucking?” France cheerfully asked Hernan and his anonymous former (and current?) Lover.

“I mean… look…” Emma said without hesitation as Mary Fitzgerald and the other Actors started laughing.

“Has he had any empanadas this season?” Tan continued to emphasize the issue, using euphemism to refer to Emma’s date with Micah last season.

“Do you like my new flavor? The latest flavor?” Emma nodded. “He may have tested the latest taste.”

A-HA! That’s where it is. Finally.

“I’m very honest, I like it 100,” Hernan added, saying on stage that another star, Chelsea Lazkani, had met this mystery man.

“He’s very charming, so if he wants to hang out with his ex, be my guest,” Lazkani pointed out and told his colleague:

“Do what you have to do, girl!”

Emma couldn’t even pretend at that point, but kept repeating that she and her former flame weren’t technically useful … but they’ve “doubled” and “come back for seconds.”

Good for them, right?

And good For sale Sunset season 6which has already been confirmed by Netflix.

We already have a story, good people!

Emma Hernan: Yes, I’m Smashing Christine Quinn’s Ex, Okay?!? Source link Emma Hernan: Yes, I’m Smashing Christine Quinn’s Ex, Okay?!?

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