Emily Vows to Use Birth Control with Kobe on 90 Day Fiance Premiere

Season 9 is coming six new The 90-day-old groom couple alongside one familiar pair.

Emily and Kobe are new to us, but not to each other since they met years ago in China.

They already have a child together, but they have divorced because of the pandemic. Only now can they live as a family.

Emily’s parents have potential worries, and they’re just begging Emily not to get pregnant again when Kobe arrives.

season 9 / The 90-day-old groom will premiere on Sunday, April 17 at TLC and Discovery Plus.

“We all hope it works,” Emily’s mother assures her adult daughter at the start of the glimpse.

“We all hope he’s the awesome guy you say he is,” his mother tells Emily.

Emily & Kobe Premiere 01

“But,” he warns his daughter, “she may be a different person when she comes here.”

Certainly, The 90-day-old groom viewers are familiar with the phenomenon.

Sometimes couples separate between trips or feel isolated in a new place or are unable to adjust to parenthood.

Emily & Kobe Premiere 02

Emily’s mother speaks to the camera during the confession and explains her concerns.

“My concern is that he’s not quite in love with him when he comes,” he points out.

“Or something isn’t the same,” she continues, “and she’s getting married anyway.”

Emily & Kobe Premiere 03

Emily’s father also mentions possible obstacles, including their location.

Kobe is a lingerie model from Cameroon who has traveled to different countries, so she and Emily met for the first time.

How does he adjust to living in their city – from someone else’s country, as a black man in a mostly white community and as a new father?

Emily & Kobe Premiere 04

“You’re not going to have that wild life like in China,” Emily’s father reminds Emily.

“He needs to be tamed very quickly as a father,” he points out, referring to his grandson.

Emily’s father points out that Kobe may have a hard time adjusting to “treating a mad one-and-a-half-year-old.”

Emily & Kobe Premiere 05

“She needs to be home for a while,” Emily’s father reminds him.

Speaking of which, Kobe – like about half of the actors in this program over the years – can’t work without a work visa.

It’s not the same thing as a K-1 visa, which means he can be effectively “running” at home in parental mode because he can’t get a job.

Emily & Kobe Premiere 06

“OK, I’ll raise the tab for six months.” Emily’s father points out, “I’ll support everyone for six months, won’t I?”

She prays for her, “One thing is for sure, you won’t get pregnant.”

Emily assures her parents, “I have contraception, I just haven’t taken it yet.”

Kobe Shades Emily (90 Day Fiance S09)

Emily’s mother reminds her, “It won’t work if you don’t take it.”

“That’s good,” Emily promises him. “We won’t have any more children in this house.”

Her father’s lips rise to a smile as Emily hints at her grandchildren already coming.

Kobe and Emily Pregnancy Test (90 Day Fiance S09)

Most parents would like to be able to pick up the tab for their child and grandchild during difficult times.

Emily is a teacher and has also worked as a babysitter, but there are limits to how much she can work as a single parent and how much she can earn.

We don’t know how Kobe will adapt to Emily’s city or her new role as a father, but the trailer certainly hinted at a possible pregnancy.

Emily Vows to Use Birth Control with Kobe on 90 Day Fiance Premiere Source link Emily Vows to Use Birth Control with Kobe on 90 Day Fiance Premiere

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