Elon Musk takes a controversial stance on the end of life

Freedom is a familiar phrase for Elon Musk, the whimsical CEO of electric-vehicle maker Tesla.

The billionaire has pretty much made it the basis of his actions and initiatives.

He said he bought social network Twitter for $44 billion in the name of free speech, an offshoot of freedom.

“Given that Twitter functions as a de facto public square, failure to follow the principles of free speech is fundamentally undermining democracy. What should we do?” I asked the moon

A few days later, he began buying Twitter stock, making a takeover offer in the process.

“Will Own No House”

A series of entrepreneurs have taken the public on Twitter by reactivating most of the accounts banned by Twitter 1.0, including former President Donald Trump’s account for violating internal policies against xenophobia, violence and racism. Declaring a truce is also in the name of freedom of speech. Spreading Anti-Semitism and Disinformation.

Moreover, freedom is at the heart of his ambition to colonize the planet Mars.

“@elonmusk, when starting the first Mars colony, which document would you recommend using to establish a system of governance? US Constitution/Bill of Rights? Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Humanist Manifesto? ​​Truss? Against the Nation: An Anarcho-Capitalism Manifesto?” publisher Michael Shermer asked him in June 2018.

“Direct democracy by the people,” replied the billionaire. “Laws have to be short, because there is a ruse in length. Automatic expiration of rules to prevent death by bureaucracy. You can. Freedom.”

CEO of Tesla (TSLA)- Get Free Report SpaceX also justified his decision to sell all physical assets in the name of freedom in 2020.

“I am selling almost all my physical possessions. I do not own a home,” Must tweeted on May 1, 2020.

“Free,” he added hours later.

Therefore, millionaires believe that freedom is the alpha and omega. It must guide not only our actions, but those of our elected officials and those who govern us.

It is therefore not surprising that he asserted that, in the name of freedom, humans should be able to die at any time.

This comment risks causing a lot of controversy, as it also touches on the subject of suicide and euthanasia, which are considered illegal in several countries around the world.

Euthanasia also raises ethical debate among experts.

“When you are sure you want to do it”

It all started with a Twitter thread in which podcaster Rex Fridman complained about seeing good things suddenly come to an end.

“I hate to see all great things come to an end. I hope it lasts forever,” Friedman wrote on January 20.

Musk doesn’t seem to agree. For example, he thinks being eternal is one of the worst he has two curses.

“Two of the worst possible curses are you live forever (and) you can get whatever you want,” commented the serial entrepreneur.

The comment sparked a tweet about rights and death. In this context, a Twitter user asked her Musk directly if humans have to choose when to die. Mr. Musk’s response was clear. It capitalizes on his approach to freedom.

“Do you think people should be able to choose when to die?” doctor and entrepreneur Peter H. Diamandis asked the billionaire.

“Of course,” replied the tech mogul. “Freedom means the freedom to die when you know you want to die.”

Unsurprisingly, the comment caused a huge reaction on Twitter. Where some users saw Musk’s position as advocating for individual liberty, others strongly opposed it in the name of religion.

“The fact that our country does not allow people dying of disease to choose to end their lives with dignity is a disgrace. You don’t have to suffer from illness.

“We can’t play God,” another user said.

But other users wondered about the “certainty” Musk mentioned.

“What does ‘certain’ mean?” asked one Twitter user.

“I agree with you, but on second thought, how can you be sure it’s the right time to do so?” Added another user.

“How can you be sure?” said another user.

Musk’s position revives the debate on a range of issues related to individual rights and death. Of course, there is the big debate about suicide issues, assisted suicide issues, and finally euthanasia.

Human euthanasia is illegal in most US states. As of June 2021, the only jurisdictions that allow this procedure are Oregon, Washington DC, Hawaii, Washington, Maine, Colorado, New Jersey, California, and Vermont.To Cornell Law School.

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